Have you had sex on Ecstasy and LSD taken at the same time?


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Is this a question for mature people?
No family would accept to hear these things among their children.





The Internet is as good as all other things in the world. Bad effects only occur by human thinking and acting negatively.

Sex is good for reproduction and continuation of the human race through the sacred family institution. Opium is good for medical treatment, especially in painful ailments. But in most cases, human depravity and temptation, turn them into unhealthy pleasures.

There are no ways to bar the negatives thoughts and activities from the eyes and ears of our kids. Parents and guardians of children have to provide our little angels with the powerful shield of moral education and empowerment, in order that they can face all challenges during their livetime, without our close but inefficient control.

The first priority in family, school, society… is moral education. This is more important than physical and intellectual education. A child of high morality without degrees is better than the graduates of low morality. Being equipped with both, this will be light upon light.

This is the supreme and sacred task of all people on earth. Families, schools, societies…are suffering bitter failures. It is now the time for global officials in charge of education to sit together to design plans mobilising world citizens into this most important mission. World problems cannot be solved without a proper education for all the dwellers of this planet. Tribunals, prisons, violent forces…may temporarily suppress rioting actions, but they cannot improve the conditions of the world. Yes, education, only a proper and universal education can turn this dark world into a paradise.

Luckily, today, we have several means to be used for this convening of meetings, consulting, making resolutions, publicising and applying all measures peacefully and efficiently thoughout the world. I strongly believe in the furure of our globe for having witnessed these things occur nicely in various religious communities.

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