Im always with someone or doin somethin. Y do i always feel lonely and depressed?


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The One True God is sufficient for all in the heavens and on earth. Look for Him. Once you enjoy complete happiness in Him, you will realize your duty to live happily, and to assist other people the same way.
God is not the God of any country, religion or people; He is the Creator and Sustainer of all worlds.





God is the Creator and Sustainer of all worlds. There are people who deny God, people who believe in God, people who claim to exclusively possess the knowledge of God.

It is not only in the theme of God that people are divided; but we are divided in all matters. We differ in the theme of love, of happiness, of education…This is due to difference in languages, in cultures, in beliefs, in educational systems, in varying mentalities…

Now, we have a very good condition to re-start our learning about those important themes. Most of us can read for ourselves, can make consideration for ourselves, can draw out new concepts about everything. We also have a number of conventions and agreements on various values, golden rules, common aspirations.

The possibility for reconderation of all differences in daily consultation, cooperation, realization of various projects for the benefit and advancement of the human race, is readily available.  Global corporations like Google, Yahoo, Mycrosoft…are serving themselves and serving the world.

Any individual who learns to know himself, to attain self-realization, he would become happy to communicate with the whole creation under the Intelligent Creator, and associate with like-minded people in seeking solutions for the inevitable challenges of this contingent world, which is changing and posing infinitely new riddles.

Yes, problems of the world are complicated to confusing minds, but they are simple to knowledgeable learners and workers. Now, schools are opening freely for all people on the Radio, TV, Internet…and none is deprived of them as in the previous centuries.

Let each individual enjoy and encourage her/his loved ones to enjoy this new culture of learning, which is the fundamental requirement for the establishment of a new world of love, unity, peace, prosperity and progressive.

Without a proper education for all people, for each willing human being, nothing good can be attained.

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