There are some wonderful people on this forum, do you agree?


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Each of them is a great, mysterious, wonderful human being.



Man is a spiritual being, hence he is immortal. He can think to develop social laws, to submit under spiritual laws, to overcome the restrictions of natural laws, hence he is more intelligent than the universe, he is the greater and unfathomable world. So, all human beings are spiritually equal and wonderfully unique. Each human being is truly master of her/his own destiny. This is evidently the justice of God. Each soul will return to the presence of God to answer about its own thinking and doing in this life.

For a time in history, kings claim to be sons and representatives of God, and the masses are their insignificant subjects, who have no rights to think and to live as equal human beings. After the fall of monarchy, a small number of learners and thinkers preserve the right to think and to lead the masses. They give instructions about the world and deny the theories of others. Each of them claims to secure all good things if the masses follow him; while in reality, various groups under those theoricians are formed, fighting against one another in great confusion. This is the condition of this transitory period of time on earth.

Now, it is quite clear that, nobody can act as a supreme leader, or to sit idly as a thoughtless being among the masses to be led as sheeps. It is no longer the time of individual shepherds and silent herds of lambs. This is the time of mature human beings, organizing institutions to represent them in all things and guide them in launching global enterprises for the benefits of the whole human race.

After a little more time, people will realize that, all men are nobly and truly equal, and none can be leader of all the rest. So, one by one, we turn to God for divine guidance. The community of the One True God silently and peacefully develops in love, unity, peace, prosperity, and progress…until the time when we again forget the divine counsels.

Then, because God is eternally the loving Father of all, He already sends down an other Messenger to bring us up to a higher level of civilization, to evermore.

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