The Pension age is being increased!

The Pension age is being increased! What age should people retire?

With the aid of modern medical applications,should there
be a mandatory retirement age?

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

65 to 70.
After that, if doctors say okay, we can continue working.
I am 73, and can work pleasantly 8 hours a day.


A world government will make regulations about all matters of the world as matters of one earth country. The most important matter is universal education, then agriculture, economy, health, trade, communication, transportation….

Labor is individually and socially important. Everybody should work for livelihood, but it is more important for the service of the human race. Baha’u’llah, the Divine Educator for mankind of this Age, says that work is worship.

A world government, with its legislative, executive, judiciary branches and dependent organs….will be something beyond my concept and description.

It will be far geater and more perfect than the present UN, which will secure the lasting peace of this planet for millennia to come. All its main features were stated in the Books of the most recent Messenger of God.

People from all walks of life will study them and make wise application for the organization of our unified world. It is no longer the work of the politicians, administrators, organizers…but of all the world citizens.

Heedless people may continue to live in confusion, dispute and suffering as before, and the awakened ones will try much harder in building the lasting Kingdom of God on earth.

The earth was the common grave for men’s ancestors, from now on it will be made into the sweet home of numberless generations of human beings, who will happily raise their voice for the praise of the One True God. Old people will no longer suffer idleness, solitude, stagnancy…, but they will be happily busy with serving God more humbly, efficiently and progressively in the culture of learning.

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