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What’s wrong with me, I’m lacking motivation?

About 2 years ago I graduated from college, got my bachelors and got a job in the probation department (sorta).It’s been over a year since I quit a full time I had. The job was very mentally, emotional, and physically draining. You can say I’ve been bumming it most of the time. I have been looking for a job but not really. I have no motivation. I have very sweet, supportive parents that are not in my case about looking for a job. Deep inside i feel embarassed of myself for not wanting to better myself. I would want to find a job, and help my parents even if it’s just a bit. But I’m lacking motivation, what the f-u-c-k is wrong with me?


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Seek ardently for your real self and be yourself.
No true human being is lacking of motivation.

Source: ExperienceProject.

There is nothing wrong with you. Obtaining a college degree, you are among the elite of the human race. Many youth and children are still deprived of this education. They can do nothing to help their parents, but being forced into cheap labour, or even into begging, prostitution, civil war!…

The real requirement for all human beings, in all conditions of all countries, is to make their own destiny, by seeking for their true selves, being themselves and save themselves.

It would be fortunate for him who prays and gets into direct contact with the guidance of God. No unbelievers can gain their way into the love of God. Only, the faithful one who prays with sincerity will catch the ray of divine light. Yes, the Sun of Truth shines on all human beings, but only s/he who opens her/his mind for guidance will receive and recognize its warmth.

The seeking of the One True God is similar to seeking any other things on earth. It is like seeking for food, for gold, for the beloved one…. We must train our mind to obtain a clear concept about the object of our search, the One True God, in order to see His signs and follow those signs to the end. Then, we will be taught about our true life and our mission in His world of creation and His world or revelation. This is the method taught in all Holy Books, but it must be learned and applied by each individual soul. Nobody can teach or accomplish this task for others.

Each person might confusingly be a vain scholar, farmer, teacher, celeb, incognito…, but all are significantly glorious children of the One True God. Man’s true self is the greater world, man’s salvation is attainment of utter nothingness.

This is the evident proof of God’s love and justice to all His children. All come from God, and all will return to Him.

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