Where will I be

If I am here today, does it naturally follow that I will be gone tomorrow? Or is that just a myth?

I have been wondering lately whether I might be gone tomorrow…


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The body might be gone in the next breath, but the soul eternally exists.



All men must die to exist eternally. But, not to kill. If death is good, why killing is bad? Because that is the command of God.

All the sacred Scriptures say that the One True God is the Creator and Sustainer of all worlds, including human beings. Physical elements exist eternally in the physical world; human souls exist eternally in the spiritual worlds.

While living on earth, human beings also exist in the spiritual world. The body and all other physical possessions are only means for the spirit to perform spiritual functions. The eternal purpose of human beings is to obtain the good pleasure of God. This is accomplished individually by possessing a pure, kindly and radiant heart, and collectively by carrying forward an ever-advancing civilization.

The Will of God is expressed through His Divine Messengers. The Messengers since the time of Adam are Abraham, Moses, Khrisna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Christ, Muhammad, the Bab, Baha’u’llah…We have no records of the Messengers before that Prophetic Cycle.  These Messengers successively educate human beings with omniscience and omnipotence. Now, Their believers can eloquently present to us Their glorious accomplishments.

The only problem to be solved is the misunderstanding among Their followers, who claim that only One of Them is from God, and Others are fake! That was the misunderstanding througout history of the old world with different languages, traditions, rituals, doctrines, and particularly, levels of knowledge.

Nowadays, we can study all the Holy Scriptures in one common language on the level of global vision, and find out the similarity of Their Divine Wisdom and Their unified submission under the One True God, Creator and Sustainer of all worlds.

Hence, the hope for unity of faith, unity of knowledge and unity of action is no longer an utopic dream. The human race, in this age of maturity will know how to solve peacefully all global problems, physically and spiritually, to turn our long-suffering world into blisful heaven.

Yes, in reality, we all make our short journey through this world, to return to our Heavenly Father in His eternal good pleasure.

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