Answering Questions

When answering Questions on E.P., Do you……………….?

1/. Read other answers first/or

2/.Give your answer without viewing others!

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

Giving my answer first, then reading theirs. Hence, there is no such things as I agree or disagree with…
My answer might be uniquely good or uniquely bad, but it is independent.



I don’t answer questions based on the opinions of humans, but on the counsels in the Holy Books. Hence, most of my opinions appear as unpractical.

In fact, I don’t answer questions, but I take the occasion to express my wish for the glorious future of the human race; hence it might be uniquely good or uniquely bad in the judgement of the asker and other answerers.

When I write down something, I believe that it is good and will become reality in the future. It is not for people to listen to me, but for their wondering and searching the truth about God.

Here is a number of my beliefs which compose the foundation of my writing:

I believe that God is the Creator and Sustainer of all worlds, including all human beings, who are truly members of one family under God, or more precisely, in God. Sooner or later, all will turn to the guidance of His most recent Messenger, Baha’u’llah.

With the Divine Teachings, revealed by the Bab and Baha’u’llah, interpreted by Abdul-Baha, instituted by Shoghi Effendi, applied under the infallible guidance of the Universal House of Justice, the human race will have a complete knowledge to solve all global problems in thousands of years to come and establishing the golden age on earth. The propagation of this divine program is not exclusively my job, or the job of Baha’is, but it is the job of all people who aspire to see a better world.

In doing this, I see no opposition, but only cooperation. Through difficulties and trials, I get into contact with more and more people of good will and obtain greater hope for the future of each and all human beings, who are created with the rational sense to shape their own destinies.

I learn little English, and having no training about the Internet, but the opportunities causing me to write on various Websites designed by intelligent people throuhout the world, are a greater encouragement to a weak and unknown person like me.

So, I happily express my opinions as a humble but sincere call for more people to turn to the Manifestation of God in this Age of human maturity, and wishing that, though my life may end silently, the knowledge of God and the praise of His Divine guidance will be heard and answered by many generations to come.

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