Is it possble to be in love with two people?

im still in love with both of my exs derek and travis but derek doesnt want to talk to me anymore and now hes talking to my best friend and travis went back with his crazy ex girlfriend and hes controlling me when hes with her and he told me we cant tell anyone that we are friends and i dont understand that because we do tell each other we love each other and we still talk dirty to each other and still he wants to see me naked i want to be with both of them and love them so much.

Best Answer

It is a big and bitter joke.



We are free to love. Love is the greatest sentiment in our heart. We can love selflessly and unconditionally one person, two persons, ten persons, millions of persons, the whole human race. No one can tell us where is the limit of our love.

In love, as well in all other matters relating to our body, mind and soul, we have to gain our proper learning. We need to attain a definite level of knowledge to make decisions on matters concerning our life in relation to the world. We cannot do anything without knowing the reasons and the consequences on ourself and on other people. We cannot go blind, because we have our rational sense to investigate the truth, and free will to make correct decisions.

All human beings are equally created to live happily and progressively. It is wrong to blame other people for our sufferings, our sins, our worries. The education brings us knowledge and wisdom; the responsible application of our learning brings happiness and progress to our life. And the world will become better with our wise and compassionate actions.

Human beings are the highest creatures in the visible and invisible worlds of God. He provides us with the rational sense to do the learning; the whole universe with numberless atoms and stars as textbook about nature; our soul as textbook about the spiritual reality; the Sacred Scriptures revealed by the Prophets as textbook about the Divine curriculum. In studying and applying the principles and laws of these textbooks, we gain eternal advancement in His Kingdom.

In the dark days of immaturity, this education was preserved to a number of patriarchs, kings, priests and their narrow circles. Now, since the success of Samuel Morse in 1844 on opening the modern communication, this education becomes available to every human being in all corners of the world. It is irrational and regretful for any person to deprive her/himself of this essentially required education. Yes, today we are all mature world citizens to establish our world government and support it in a more effective way than our ancestors in building and serving their families.

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