That’s Ms. ‘Cheesecake’ to You?

Why is it that when a man thinks a woman wants something, it’s ‘Freekin Cheesecake’? It’s not ‘Freekin Cheesecake’, MEN!

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

Yes, it is not cheesecake, it is better half.



In this 21rst Century, each day thousands of people are joining the Internet to continue with their old projects, and also to open new ways to unknowable horizons. The numberless amount of blogs, of private dailies, of innermost diaries…is beyond imagination of the most thoughtful researchers.

This shows that more and more people are entering the virtual world to improve their learning, to express and exchange views concerning all existing matters and potential problems. It seems that the virtual world is an idealand boundless field for experimenting all new ideas before application.

It  seems impossible for any persons or any thinking tanks to dominate this world and to impose their intention on the rest of the human race. While, there is greater possibility for cooperation in selecting matters of mutual concern and of collective benefit, before making application in the real world. This is done individually, but the fruit will be tasted by all mankind.

No schools are cheaper than the Internet. No schools are more practical and universal than the Internet. And no new ideas can be presented and applied more widely and efficiently than the Internet. Perhaps, we will have a perfect pattern of world government up here before its establishment in the real world.

Designs can be made, tested thousands of times by the truly equal netzens, so the application will be excellent. The more human minds are freely and generously concentrated on these world affairs, the less they will be wasted in the trivial and fatal prejudices, superstitions, discriminations…

The ideal virtual world will step out into the real world with high prestige and glorious accomplishment. Many matters of the real world will be brought to discussion, experimentation and application first on the Internet. And millions of unanymous and unidentified netzens will continue to act as unpaid and immediate advisers to the world governors.

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