Have you ever met a celebrity?

I once met Robert Englund a.k.a Freddy Krueger

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Yes, he is like all other people, and he is unique in his own life.



A celebrity is nothing more than a human being. In the olden days, it was thought that some people are born with great talents to act as kings, and others with no special qualities are insignificant subjects.

In our modern time, under the immature democracies, lots of people are using lies and tricks to get into political positions and maintain their stations with more lies and violent measures.

Nowadays, the physical and intellectual conditions of the world change tremendously and rapidly. Those who falsely seek positions over the heads of other fellowmen to satisfy their egoistic desires and passions, will quickly be discovered and overthrown. However, the power of guns, of money, of eloquent words…is still used to create separation among human beings.

With a little more time and a little more education, the mature human beings will recognize the real equality among all human beings, will treat one other as brothers and sisters in one family, and work together under the governance of freely elected institutions. All will enjoy equal rights and liberties to develop their own potentialities and to join hands in building a world civilization for the whole human race. Arrogant people will cause their own doom in the eternally spiritual world.

A mature and unified humanity is not an exclusive entity in the universe, but all things visible and invisible are one single reality which exists eternally and gloriously under the providence of the One True God. In fact, all glory is by God, not by man.

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