rooa # 29. April 2010, 22:20

ya all of us need world peace and we will achieve enshalla thank you its relay worth it


Pukirahe # 30. April 2010, 21:27

Thank you very much for the encouraging comment.
World peace is definitely inevitable, because it is the Cause of God which is universally accepted by the whole human race.
Warmongers are only of a very small number. They will change their minds at seeing the sincere welcome back of the mature human family.


rooa # 30. April 2010, 21:38

Yes, but, unfortunately, influential people are those who support the war to return them a profit of the physical, but we hope the new generation to make peace I believe in


Pukirahe # 30. April 2010, 21:58

You are right. Human history is the beautiful story of peace. And now, the national leaders are sitting in various world summits to seek out best measures to secure peace. The UN has done a lot in this noble mission. With greater consent among mature and farsighted leaders, with the proper improvement of the UN, and especially with the enthusiast support of the peoples of the world, we can rightly say that unity, peace, prosperity…will be the future of the world.


rooa # 30. April 2010, 22:58

wish the United Nations should strengthen its efforts in the Middle East, especially in the case of land usurped Palestine Verify that there wishes and strengthen efforts to keep the peace for both sides there is the blood shed of innocent children, women and elders wish to stop the bloodbath of this I wish peace for these children a better future, Thank you for your responses positive I hope that You are one of the leaders of the world to see the dream come true You are an intellectual policy of the world I guarantee you success in the elections:)


Pukirahe # 30. April 2010, 23:11

You see that I am a nobody. Ask everybody around you about Pukirahe, no one will be able to give you a clear answer like in the case of Obama, Brown, Putin…But I strongly believe that the world will be changed positively, not by the leaders or by any organizations, but by the positive change of each individual among the human race. We will have peace right at this moment, if each individual thinks that mankind is his family and he will do all his best, in his own capacity and condition, for the betterment of the world.


rooa # 30. April 2010, 23:20

thank you that clear answer i know that some day it will be clear answer i have faith in that and you will see it too you are very kind


Pukirahe # 2. May 2010, 22:19

Thank you. Although we believe that the future of the world is bright, we don’t sit idly to wait for that day. Each one of us must do more learning, more training and to renew our thinking every day. The more we advance individually, the more our faith will be strengthend, and we will try much more to bring this glad tidings to our neighbours with love. Then the world will become concretely better every day with another individual to stand up to make positive change in her/his own life.


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