Do spells work?

my friend has voodoo dolls and casts spells. she does white and black magic. do the spells actually work and do you have any for me?? oh and if you have any other magic tricks, please let me know. i really wanna learn. thanks pples. xoxo

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Superstition and cheating. The newspapers and the security forces have discovered lots of tricks bearing the name of religion, spirituality, occultism…
Religion must go hand in hand with science.



Life is full of unfathomable mysteries, therefore, from time immemorial people keep on believing reasonable and also ridiculous things. How can we make distinction between them.

We always have two great instruments to seek for the truth, those are true religion and true science.

True science and true religion agree on many things; but there are still lots of things waiting for human discovery.

True science and true religion agree on love, unity, peace, prosperity, freedom, order, progress, nobility, glory…But means and measures for achievement are still on disputes.

Mysteries are God, life, creation, spirit, soul; the origin, nature and purpose of all existing things.

If all things are evident; why there are disputes everwhere in our daily life?

If all things are mysterious, how can we conduct our life now and in the future? How can we solve the existing problems, and making plans for the next five, ten, fifty years?

When we get a proper education, we are able to solve some of the problems, they might be wrong and we make regulation with more learning and experience. Otherwise, we keep on going through life in miserable wondering and worrying!

As for education, there are three types:

  1. Physical education, to sove problems relating to physical matters.
  2. Human education, to solve problems relating to human life and our societies, local and universal.
  3. Divine education, to solve problems which are considered as spiritual, mysterious, divine.

This education is required for each and all individuals. It will enable us to explore the mysteries mentioned above. There are always disputes among us, but we can base on our knowledge and experience to make decisions for our personal life as well as for the socities. The greater our wisdom, the better are our agreements.

Step by step, we have already attained the unity of family, tribe, city state, nation…The next step will inevitably be the unity of the earth country, because our activities are now very closely related, the human and natural problems have become global. The greatest reason for certitude is that we are mature. We know how and where to learn, how to share experience, how to consult and reach agreements through our instant means of communication.

So, our beginning is a proper education (physical, human and divine) and the glorious end is to put our true knowledge into practice.

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