How do I relax my mind? Any tips?

I really have a bussy mind. A friend adviced me to take 5 minutes twice every day, in which I focus on breathing. So that my mind has a moment to calm down.
Are there any other tips and ways? I tried to use sound, I have a shaman drum and made my mind focus on that instead of breathing. It helped I think.. but there must be better ways. Its really hard for me (ADD mind)

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Peace of mind is a happy state which requires patient learning and practicing:

Accepting the world as it is.
Modifying the world by modifying oneself.
Turning one’s mind upwards to reflect heavenly realities.
Acquainting friends with optimistic views.
Realizing that we are definitely master of our mind.



A mind in peace is not fully empty or being full of lofty thoughts. It is the one realizing that the light of guidance is shining. Buddha has placed strong emphasis on the wrong “attachment to voidness”(vô ký không) or on “thoughts of detachment” (chấp lìa, chấp lìa lìa).

We may feel peaceful, when we understand that we are thinking right and doing right. The saints may attain peace, but peace in each mind is not the same. Each saint understands and attains peace in her/his own way.

We waste our time in imitating or learning the ways of other human beings. Each individual has her own potentialities to achieve a unique and important mission. The sooner s/he turns to the Teachings of the Messengers of God, the luckier for her/him to obtain the appropriate lessons. Learning, loving, creating incessantly in one’s own way is the path to peace of mind.

A successful president, a bankrupt businessperson, a starving janitor…can attain peace of mind by reading, praying, meditating, and doing one’s best in the present jobs, under the present circumstances, with the light of one’s own mind. Nobody is more or less peaceful than the other. Peace is not a dead destination, it is a living process.

The world has attained the Lesser Peace in the 20th century, in the process of overcoming the World War I and World War II by the establishment of the League of Nations, then the United Nations. Now we are in the process of building the Most Great Peace.

Yes, our individual goal now is the peace of mind, and collective goal is the Most Great Peace.



Wild community survivng on their own?

Is it known of a modern day society, in a developed country, living in the wild, surviving on the fruits of nature, without having to succumb to the demands and pleasures of Capitalism?


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Too primitive and too materially oriented are equally bad. We have the rational sense to learn how to conduct a moderate living.



Human beings are living in the time gap of six thousand years: some people still cherish the primitive lifestyle, others are using the most advanced gadgets and technologies. But is it really good to conduct a life of moderation? And where are the boundaries of moderation?

Men with primitive thoughts are very good with their compassionate hearts shadowing no trace of envy about the glories or luxuries of other people. Elites in various sciences and arts are very good with their great efforts in creating a safer and more prosperous world. People in the middle are also good in supporting and helping the illiterates and the scholars. So, wherever we stand, we are all good, as long as our heart is compassionate.

But it seems that good is not good. Each individual, as a human being, must learn and think to make his own morrow better than today, and today better than yesterday. Otherwise, he is not worthy of the name human being, the supreme one among all creatures.

Where, how, from whom he should learn, that is his own problem. I am writing as a knower of the answers, but I don’t answer, because human beings will listen only to the Messengers of God. For the time being, his family, community, and now the whole real world and virtual world…must help him to develop his mind until when he can use his noble and creative mind maturely for his whole life. Homes, offices, companies, associations, hospitals, temples, even prisons…should do the job of most modern schools.

The world will finally become a peaceful and civilised nation, when most people consciously perform the duties of progressively learned citizens.


Does religion/spirituality help stress-Plz complete my survey 4 college?

Could u please complete my survey for college dissertation on does religion/stress help when your stressed?

I’m doing access course (in the UK)
here’s my link for it.
thankyou in advance.

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Religion raises man above all diseases and shows him the way to complete freedom, happiness and eternal life. God, Whose Word is religion, does not assign any man to do the learning for the others. Otherwise, He could have made us a herd of cow with no rational sense, no free will, no capacity of discovery of His boundless mysteries.



All wrongdoings, including wrong behaviours, attitudes, sentiments…are due to lack of knowledge. But, where and from whom can we get true knowledge?

There, we can learn in nature, in our soul, in books – and luckily now – on the Internet.

We also need teachers for explanations.

Throughout history, we have a very small number of divine Educators, Who can explain everything.

Each individual is free to make decision to live miserably or happily. Many choose the first option, which is no choice at all, but it is the result of physical, mental and spiritual laziness.

The answer for all things in this world is that: ”Seek and ye will find.” Why, where, how…each individual must solve the problem for himself. At childhood we rely on our parents; at adulthood, we must use our own mind to make our journey through life.

In the primitive age, we depend not only on our parents, but also on teachers, rulers in societies and in religions. That was the dark time of roaming around without destination.

Nowadays, we aim at world unity, at longevity, at prosperity, and probably at conquering the planet Mars… This seems practical to some people, but still utopian with many.

Yes, believing or not, each human being finally must realize that he is responsible for his own destiny. He cannot condemn himself to a life without learning, loving, creating…, and then complaining that he is born under an unlucky star. No families and no socities accept for their members to live in lack of education, which is now accessible to all easily, cheaply and even free of charge from the Messengers of God.


If you were in charge of the world…?

What is the very first rule you would put into effect?

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I would refuse, because I realized that no individuals can bear the global governance. But, if I were forced to do my work quickly in one day, I would call for the free election of all governing institutions on the world, at all local. national and international levels.
I pray that all countries will provide popular education to their citizens to pave the way for that great day of mine!



Perhaps, I would not get the chance to witness that glorious Day of World Governance under fairly and freely elected institutions at local, national and international levels, although I surely believe that that Day will come. I already see these perfect institutions in the Baha’i Faith since 1963.

This could be done through learning, loving and creating. The Baha’is learn the Teachings of Baha’u’llah and creatively establish the organic administration in love, faith and spirituality. The Universal House of Justice, the supreme body of spiritual and administrative institution of the Baha’i Faith, was elected in London in 1963, on the 100th Anniversary of Baha’u’llah’s Declaration of His Mission, in Baghdad, Iraq. His Declaration was not made pompously as the coronation of a worldly emperor, but quietly as a Prisoner, also a Divine Educator, in the Garden of Ridvan, prior to His exile to Constantinople.

All the institutions at these three levels function smoothly and progressively until now. This whole World Order was designed by Baha’u’llah, developed by Abdul-Baha, realized by Shoghi Effendi and the Universal House of Justice. The Baha’is have divine Books to learn; meetings and conventions to put the teachings into practice, in unity of thought, unity of vision and unity of action.

Since the relative Truth is to be modified from Age to Age, and the Administration is a progressively organic process, so no Baha’is dare claim their complete knowledge, but all keep on learning without interruption. There is no ready-made solution of yesterday for today. Each new day requires new consultations for new solutions.

The core of the whole system is love. Only sincere love can guarantee the unity and success of all plans since the birth of this New Cause. This love is not prompted from the hearts of the Baha’is, but inculcated in them by the Words of Baha’u’llah, revealed during His fourty years of exile and imprisonment, from Iran, to Iraq, Turkey, Palestine, under the Ottoman Empire.

In a Booklet entitled “The Promise of World Peace”, presented  to leaders of the nations and religions throughout the world, the Universal House of Justice, after introducing the Baha’i Principles and the World Order of Baha’u’llah, concludes:

In the earnestness of our desire to impart to you the fervor of our hope and the hope of our confidence, we cite the emphatic promise of Baha’u’llah: ”These fruitless strifes, these ruinous wars shall pas away, and the ‘Most Great Peace’ shall come.”


Will someone stop my tears?


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Nobody. Some sweet friends may use compassionate words and acts of understanding, which will stop your tears for some moment; but tears will fall again with other happenings in this transient world. It is so sad that Buddha calls it a sea of sufferings. Your tears will only stop when you yourself realize that true LOVE from your heart will turn all darkness into light.
Please start the new learning about your noble self, then love selflessly by creating everywhere the atmosphere of gladness, then this earth will become brilliant like the radiant earth of your heart. Just take the first faithful step, then the destination will become evident.



All things are good with love; nothing is good without it.

All physical things attach to themselves according to natural laws, and the universe exists. Descomposed objects disappear, newly composed objects come into being.

Plants exist with additonal laws of vegetal attraction.

Animals exist with additional laws of animal attraction and instincts.

Only human beings exsist with more complicated addition of social and spiritual laws.

All such laws are gathered in one concept called LOVE.

Hence, in order to understand LOVE, humans have to use their rational sense to fathom the nature and the application of those laws. Nowdays these laws are taught in all branches of education on this immense Virtual World, generally through great instruments called SCIENCE AND RELIGION.

It is hoped that in a very near future, most individuals will embark on this proper education, and apply their true knowledge into solving the problems of the real (but contingent!) world and turn it into a paradise for generations to come.

With LOVE will come KNOWLEDGE, then UNITY and ABUNDANCE. Then, higher knowledge will lead to higher attainment of  ETERNAL AND BOUNDLESS LOVE.

Divine guidance can be found in the “SEVEN VALLEYS AND FOUR VALLEYS” of BAHA’U’LLAH.


If you died tonight…?

Do you think you would go to heaven or hell?


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To heaven like all other people. All souls will pass on to the world of God, with the difference of spiritual conditions due to the actions of our lives.




Death is simply the beginning of a new life. Physical objects are recycling to become other physical objects. No composed objects exist eternally, no single elements are destroyed. All are composed and decomposed, from time immemorial to all eternity.

The physical bodies of human beings are affected by natural laws.

Human souls which are spiritual develop according to spiritual laws.

Science and religion open human minds for the understanding of these realities. The enlightened souls know the meanings of life and death, so they know how to conduct their lives for their own profits and for the profits of other people.

We may try our best in our explanations, but the children cannot understand even the physical things. They don’t know that the earth is movingaround the sun, and the sun is also moving away with the Milky Way.

God has taught more mysterious things about His world of creation and world of revelation, but people will understand little by little. Then, we share our limited knowledge among ourselves, to make gradual steps to higher and higher civilizations.

Perhaps, the whole complicated universe, physical and spiritual, is a continuous process of learning, loving and creating. This advancement satisfies the thinking minds which may attain the pleasure of God, Who created all living humans and showing them the ways to return to Him with higher and higher excellence.

This is no longer the Age of kings authoritatively leading their subjects in gloomy stagnancy, but the Age of equal human beings advancing collectively in radiant love, unity and progress.


According to 70% TO 75% of divorces filed are filed by females. Why?

Is it because husbands don’t mind living with someone they do not like anymore. Or they do not mind living with someone who doesn’t like them anymore.

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Because they were oppressed too long. Now is the time to begin their true liberation.



Divorce should not be encouraged, especially with abundantly reproductive couples. All children need parents, happy and knowledgeable parents. Human beings were created for noble living, not at all for miserable survival.

Any boys and girls should make proper preparations to conduct their lives as happy parents among well developed kids. That is the natural and only goal of all human families.

All children need a proper education to grow as true human beings, whose destiny is to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization. Nothing else is worthy of consideration in the existence of the human race.

Every child receives her first and best education in the family, especially from her mother. Humanity in the next generation will be a race of love and unity, if  mothers in this generation obtained their knowledge to act as the first teachers of their children, both girls and boys. Where and how this generation of mothers can receive their ideal training?

All can be started right away in each human mind. Let us think and ascertain our destiny as a human being. Once, this point is clear, all other steps will be reached without fail. Because, all people have eyes to see and have minds to think for themselves. That is why we must observe the principles of mutual love and mutual respect.

All the confusions before our eyes, verily, belong to the Age of human immaturity. Now, in this new and wondrous Age of human maturity, all the necessary knowledge and experience are easily accessible to people who think about them and search for them. Many people have become so smart just by “Googling”! In some near future, there might be “Yahooing”, “Wikiing”, “Consulting”, “Self-realizing”…

Perhaps, the general practice for all individuals is:

LEarning, LOving and Creating incessantly.

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