Will someone stop my tears?


Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

Nobody. Some sweet friends may use compassionate words and acts of understanding, which will stop your tears for some moment; but tears will fall again with other happenings in this transient world. It is so sad that Buddha calls it a sea of sufferings. Your tears will only stop when you yourself realize that true LOVE from your heart will turn all darkness into light.
Please start the new learning about your noble self, then love selflessly by creating everywhere the atmosphere of gladness, then this earth will become brilliant like the radiant earth of your heart. Just take the first faithful step, then the destination will become evident.



All things are good with love; nothing is good without it.

All physical things attach to themselves according to natural laws, and the universe exists. Descomposed objects disappear, newly composed objects come into being.

Plants exist with additonal laws of vegetal attraction.

Animals exist with additional laws of animal attraction and instincts.

Only human beings exsist with more complicated addition of social and spiritual laws.

All such laws are gathered in one concept called LOVE.

Hence, in order to understand LOVE, humans have to use their rational sense to fathom the nature and the application of those laws. Nowdays these laws are taught in all branches of education on this immense Virtual World, generally through great instruments called SCIENCE AND RELIGION.

It is hoped that in a very near future, most individuals will embark on this proper education, and apply their true knowledge into solving the problems of the real (but contingent!) world and turn it into a paradise for generations to come.

With LOVE will come KNOWLEDGE, then UNITY and ABUNDANCE. Then, higher knowledge will lead to higher attainment of  ETERNAL AND BOUNDLESS LOVE.

Divine guidance can be found in the “SEVEN VALLEYS AND FOUR VALLEYS” of BAHA’U’LLAH.


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