If you are given all powers of god ? what will you give to your closest friend?

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God gives love, and He teaches us how to use His power to practice love.



What did the Pharaohs of Egypt, the Ceasars of the Roman empire, the Tsars of Russia give to their friends? Glory, health, happiness, or shame, disease, worry? What do we expect from those kings and from their friends?

Why God is giving them and me all powers and not giving the powers to my friends, to other people among the human race? The God,  Whom I worship, is not unjust; He loves equally all human beings. The physical sun shines on all people without discrimination, why should I worship the God Who cannot be compared to it? No, the Spiritual Sun gives life to all His creatures.

Our problem is that we do not believe in the existence of God.

Our problem is that we doubt about the love and justice of God.

Our problem is that we blindly believe in God, without knowing Who He is.

Our problem is that we claim to be god.

Our problem is that we don’t get to know even our own self.

Our problem is that we keep on surviving heedlessly.

Otherwise, when we face God, we will not be blamed, but He is to be blamed for treating us unjustly!

When we start asking intelligent questions, because God gives to all of us the intelligence to ask and answer questions, then we will begin to change our confusing mind.

He shows the signs of His existence in every atom.

He shows the signs of His existence in the whole world of creation.

He shows the signs of His existence in our soul.

He shows the signs of His existence in the world of Revelation.

And He answers all our questions in the Holy Books successively brought down by His Messengers, from Age to Age, throughout history.

So, we may decide to live as a random product of evolution, enjoy life as other creatures, then returning to dust like them. Perhaps, we cannot do so, because that is unjust and it lowers our dignity.

Or, the other way, the way of asking and answering questions, under the guidance of the Messenger of God for our Age, which He announces as the Age of human maturity. And we can all seek for His signs now freely and easily everywhere, especially on the Internet. And you can do this without relying on any other individuals on earth. You are completely free to independently seek for the truth.

God has given to each individual among mankind all His powers. The matter is whether man seeks for them and use them, or to keep on blaming God or other people for his being abandoned.



Why people do not buy experience?

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Because they have their own brains.



This is the reason why we should not impose our opinions on other people. The knowledge and experience of one person, although truly positive, cannot be passed on directly to another person.

Say, I know how to plant the paddy and I have the experience in 50 years of farming, I cannot tell my children to do the same thing, and more funnily the same way!

The education and training in schools cannot be considered as selling and buying experience. The present educational systems are still at the low level of training animals. Hence, some scientists wrongly conclude that, with training, animals can become men!

Animals can get some skills in training like primitive men. But they cannot be trained to discover electricity, the elemental particle, and especially the spiritual awakening in prayers and meditations.

Men are endowed with the rational sense, the seeds of divine virtues and qualities. The true education of men is a noble way to assist in the nurturing and growth of these seeds. And these seeds are of different types to be developed in different ways by the individuals themselves. No educators can cause their disciples to become enlightened like their masters.

Yes, not far in the future, the mature educators will bring to us the new system of education suitable for humanity in this Age of their maturity. This is why Abdul-Baha says that what the other children learn in one year, the Baha’i children will learn in one month.

This new education will nurture and bring to growth the seeds from inside, instead of passing experience from outside. Knowledge is not what is recorded in the textbooks, but it is the light emanated from the human mind, and no languages can express fully and properply. What are written in the Holy Books are not knowledge, but they are only symbols to awaken human thinking. Hence, there are disputes among believers of the same religion. And therefore, Baha’u’llah, the Educator of mankind today appoints His authoritative Interpreters.


Why is it that when i’m at work, I fight falling asleep all day, but once I’m at home, I can’t fall asleep?

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Because your work is not interesting; and you are so eager to show up on EP. Wishing that you will get some new job up here, otherwise you should make some arrangement with your boss for a few hours of sleep at work.



We have to spend much money for the treatment of the diseases relating to sleep. Questions concerning this matter are repeatedly asked up here, and no final answers were found. Mine is also not final. As I said, my answers to various questions are only an opening for conversation.

I used to sleep much more than to stay awake. (As for insomnia, I will have another posting). Now I am talking about how to stay awake.

I try to go to bed and to wake up at regular time (10 pm to 4 am; then 1 pm to 2 pm). I do the physical exercise. I drink coffee. So, every day, I can work regularly about 8 hours on the Internet. Medical science may advance to cure many so-called incurable diseases, but it can never enable men to get rid of sleep, which is essential for the normal functioning of the body.

I am much aware about sleep, because the Lord Buddha is called the Awakened – He Who does not sleep. Yes, unfortunately, we human beings are sleeping even when we are awake! And this spiritual slumber is the misery of the human race.

Again, in this Age of human maturity, the Lord Baha’u’llah is warning:

62. O SON OF MAN! Many a day hath passed over thee whilst thou hast busied thyself with thy fancies and idle imaginings. How long art thou to slumber on thy bed? Lift up thy head from slumber, for the Sun hath risen to the zenith, haply it may shine upon thee with the light of beauty.

(Baha’u’llah, The Arabic Hidden Words)

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