Who do you really hate in your family?

My grandma.
(read my latest confession and see why!)

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My heedless self.



Lots of people say that if they had power, they would have killed thousands of people every day: the invaders, the despots, the robbers, the murderers, the cheaters, the terrorists… And they blame God for not doing anything to save the world from these evil persons.

Solomon was wise and powerful, but he did not kill cheaters to maintain justice. When two women claimed to be mothers of one child, he had to use his wisdom to solve the matter compassionately.

Nowdays, we have people wiser, more knowledgeable and more powerful than Solomon, but they themselves surrender before evil perpetrators. They cannot see evrything. Their assistants of law and security also cannot investigate throughoutly and admit that evil-doers become more and more tricky beyond local, national and international control.

So, where is our hope, if powerful rulers fail, and God does nothing?

In fact, God has given the divine soulutions, and mature people are trying to apply them. The core of all things is selfless love. Each and all individuals have to learn this lesson to protect themselves and also the world. All human beings are good, but they do wrong only due to lack of this education.

God has given not only the education, but He also provides us with efficient institutions and unified communities. “Seek and ye will find”. This is not only the call of Christ, but it is also the call of all the Messengers of God.



Do you believe that dwelling on potential problems or fears can cause them to manifest?

i personally do. but i believe in the opposite too. creating good things by thinking of them alot.

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Yes, so we must train our mind to think positively. “Like attracts like” is the powerful universal law.



I feel very encouraging with these words of President Barack Obama:

“Having said that, after being in this job for two years, I have never been more optimistic about America.  I am optimistic partly because we did some really tough things that aren’t always popular but were the right things to do.  We had initiated an education reform agenda that is shaking up the education system all across the country. And I’ve got a terrific Secretary of Education who’s been able to get teachers, principals, students — sometimes there’s some contentiousness about it, but everybody focused on how are we going to lift up performance for all our kids so they can compete in a global economy.”

Since the time the humanists overthrew the religious authority about two centuries ago, people lived in violent anger. They were angry against the monarchs, the priests, the landlords, the traders, the aristocrats…In general. the multitudes were angry against their leaders, who exploited their sweat and blood in the name of religion, royalty and tradition. People wanted to throw away all those things for the sake of brotherhood, equality and charity. And in the name of revolution, humanity went through continuous violence, until WWII.

Then, we learned the new lesson. The UN was founded to calm down all anger and to restore peace on earth. Although world war has ceased, civil wars still go on. Until today, preparation for war is considered as the best measure to maintain peace. The threat of a nuclear war is hanging here and there in the air. Those are the twilight centuries of light and darkness.

Now, the new dawn has become brighter. Peace negotiations occur every day for the restoration of peace at various hot spots on earth, especially in the Middle East.

Here, on the Internet, we only hear the dominant call  and see the active movement for peace. The voice of peace is so powerful that many of our friends believe that peace is not only attainable, but it is inevitable.

And I am greatly happy to see most of the prestigious and active Websites are working for peace. They create more understanding among people of various cultures and various political systems. Their support of the movement of alleviation and reduction of poverty is also a powerful trend.

With more and more individuals thinking and acting positvely, our world will surely become a beautiful world according to the law of attraction. Yes, we have so many factors to place our complete confidence in the Cause of Universal Peace.

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