When you die and if there is an afterlife, who/what do you want to meet first?

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God, His saints and prophets, all human beings including my parents, my relatives, my friends… Yes, all will be there with different spiritual conditions depending on our living here and now.
There is no separation among people there, because the spiritual world is not dependent on time and space. We will see all people as we see in our dreams.



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We cannot meet God personnally, but we can only meet Him through His Representatives. By some loving and sincere searching, anyone can find His Vicegerent. We are now fortunate to live in a Cycle that all searchings can be done by Googling.

Our friends, our relatives, our parents…we will surely meet again in the spiritual world, because the Holy Books have stated clearly about these spiritual realities. His saints and His Prophets on earth are real, not fake.

This is not at all a legendary story. I have spent 70 years on my earthly journey, through military camps, prisons, hospitals…, so I have no interest to dwell on fairy tales. My experiences are as practical as those of all beggars and kings.

The purpose of my writing in various blogs is not to make any proganda for this incognito Pukirahe, and also for no other material profits. I sell nothing and I ask for no donation. My sole purpose is only to remind my fellow human beings to seek for God and His Justice, which are beneficial for them than all the treasures throughout the universe.




Dear young daughter and Dan,

We quite  understand the traumatic events of the last few weeks that you all, especially your dear mother and sister have faced. Of course,those who are the lovers of Baha’u’llah have His assurance that all such “partings” are temporary and, as you well know, each of us will sooner or later have to experience such “sorrow” for our own selves. Strange, is it not, that when we are all gathered at the birth of a child, we begin laughing with joy at the first cry of the child as it emerges from the womb? The only one crying is the “new arrival” (the child), since the child is “scared to death” of the sudden experience of the light and life of its new existence as compared to its  warm dark place in its mother’s womb. The difference between the child and those elders gathered to see it born is simply that the child is ignorant of its new condition and hence afraid, while we, already aware of this bright and large world, are happy at the safe arrival of the child to “light and larger life” from out of its dark and constricted world of the womb. This is the same when a person passes away, except then the conditions are reversed. The Master tells us that the next existence is full of light and far grander than this, but, we who are left behind and ignorant of the next existence are sorrow-stricken and cannot gather up enough faith to understand or imagine the “place” to which our loved one has departed. Baha’u’llah’s assurances in His Hidden Words, Arabic 32,33,35) are for us the ones left behind and ignorant of what our departed loved ones are now experiencing. As our Lord states, that, were He to reveal to the slightest degree what awaits His true servants in the next existence, every one of us will desire to commit suicide (forbidden by Him)  to hasten to the experience of that ineffably grander existence. Hence, while still in this mortal life, ours is the opportunity to endeavour night and day to measure up to His Command as given in His Hidden WordsArabic 41 . All of you should remember Christ’s command to the young man to follow Him and not  bother  to even bury his dead father ! Hence, I trust you will meditate and act upon our Lord’s Command in HW.41, since life is fleeting and while it lasts, arise in the name of our Lord to gain great victories over the hearts and minds of your fellows, since  the Cause of God is not some “second chance” enterprise . So, dear ones, to quote our Lord again, “Free thyself from the fetters of this world, and loose thy soul from the prison of self. Seize thy chance, for it will come to thee no more.” (HW.40 Persian).

Our Baha’i love to you all,

“The old ones”

Jamshed Khodadad and Parvati Fozdar

Dearest uncle and auntie

I saw your call but I cannot answer you. My computer doesn’t have a mic so I cannot talk to you. I can only hear you. I am in HCMC now for some work and I will go back to Danang soon. My Mom is getting better. It will take alot of time for her to be back to normal. My Dad passed away so suddenly. She is now having to take care of my sister’s sons because my sister’s mother-in-law passed away recently on Sunday night so my sister and brother in law has to be there with my sister’s in law family. They are the ones who feel the most lost. Within 1 month they lost their two beloved ones.

Please be asured that I am taking good care of my Mother. Althought I am in HCMC now but Dan is in Danang to help me to take care of my Mom.

Thanks a lot for your prayers and concern about our family.

With great Baha’i love to you and auntie

from Hai Lam’s family


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