How would you define the word L O V E ?

What do you believe the word L O V E truly means?

Can L O V E be a feeling, or it is more than that?

I believe L O V E is more a choice than anything.

What do Y O U believe?

4 years ago

Best Answer by Tu Nga – Chosen by Asker

It is really hard to define love. It is more than a sentiment, an attraction, a sweet offering. It seems that love is not a choice for oneself, but a choice for the best benefits of the object of love, similar or even stronger and more respectful than the choice that the mother makes for her child.
When this love exists in both partners, the couple are the most happy on earth. If it exists only on one side, both may be miserable in different ways. Perhaps we have to learn and give much thinking and practice to this most great quality of humankind.

Asker’s Comment:

Thank you for your answer. This is what I was looking for.



New Addition For This Post

LOVE is an eternal reality that none of us knows exactly what it is! Authors from all ages have created famous and immortal works to praise love, and still it remains a splendid, magnificent, attractive mystery.

Humanity don’t know that God loves them and how is that love.

Children don’t know that their parents love them; parents also don’t know that their children love them.

Husbands don’t know that their wives love them; wives also don’t know that their husbands love them.

It is even more difficult for the citizens to know that their governors love them; and for the governors to know this noble sentiment from their citizens.

It is even more difficult for people in one country to know that their neighbours love them; and for them to know that people from other countries love them.

It is even more difficult for the believers to know that the non-believers love them; and for the non-believers to welcome this magnificent sentiment from the believers.

So, what do we live for: love, apathy or hatred?

The clear answer I have learned is something like this:

The source, the essence, the purpose of all things is LOVE.

God Himself is LOVE.

God brings all worlds into existence because of love and for love.

Humanity are endowed with intelligence to recognize the love of God and to love Him.

The eternal way for man to express his love to God is to love all human beings, who are equally the beloved children of God.

Yes, love is truly a splendid, magnificent, attractive mystery.




Why can`t you all see the big picture? why does evreyone seeks his own little universe?

Why do you all gather as much money and power as possible and after that you die 😦 why can`t you all see that if you look at the human race as a whole , we might evolve faster and improve our lives sooner , than evreyone for themselves ? why do you pick on other people just because of they skin color, accent , religion etc. and don`t see that wee all are of the same spiecies ? you can`t take the money to the grave you know ( or you can but that`s just place dumb ) . why do people fear what they do not know ? why do you fear it ? What , you are affraid to die ? you die eventualy , why not trying to discover something new , something that improves the life of everyone around you ? well..i guess these are enough questions for 1 post 🙂

4 years ago

Best Answer by Tu Nga – Chosen by Asker

You are right. But most people still think that one day of affluence is more desirable than the whole life in poverty; moreover, they also hope that they can leave the physical comforts to their offsprings.
Only maturity through apocalyptic events will cause people to rethink and realize that only spiritual possessions eternally exist and glorify the divine destiny of man.

Asker’s Comment:

so why don`t we create an apocalyptic event to make them see ? 🙂



New Addition For This Post

Why do we keep on asking questions without seeking answers for ourselves? Why does the world exist in such a mystery for man to suffer centuries after centuries?

Is there any ways out, or only suffering, blaming, wondering?

If there was a God, why did He hide too long from our eyes?

Is it right to seek for answers or just to exist wildly like other creatures?

If we had time to make a list of questions and answers, then the list of questions will bring us into greater confusion, madness, hopelessness…

But, this is never the conditons of the seekers of truth.

Throughout history, only learners can attain happiness, or at least having hope about attaining it. Because learning is the best instrument to attain knowledge to comprehend reality and to solve problems.

Learning may lead to false knowledge, which is worse than ignorance. But ignorance is deadly, while false knowledge may cause the change of direction to true knowledge. And this is why we all try to provide education to our children.

For people who have not realized the supreme value of education – physical, human and divine education – the mature individuals will come to their assistance. Because, nowadays, we realize that the suffering of one man is the suffering of the whole human race. The assistance to other people is in fact assisting our own family, our own self.



If you could be someone else, who would it be? Explain why?

4 years ago

Best Answer by Tu Nga – Chosen by Asker

No man can be someone else. We may admire many people around us, but we don’t have their capacities and their mentality to become like them. Therefore, I must get to know exactly my own self, my capacity, my taste, my interest… to train myself into a progressive man and be more useful for the society.

Asker’s Comment:

WOW! Awesome answer! To simply be yourself & understand more about yourself. To be more useful to others, like a servant-leader. What a wonderful insight to this question. How refreshing!!!



New Addition For This Post

What is self?

What is oneself?

What is thyself?

All human beings are the children of God, so we will all return to God.

I am very thankful to Mr. Hossein A. Avaregan who has brought the word Baha’i to my eyes. After seeing the word Baha’i, I came to know Baha’u’llah.

Baha’u’llah answers these and all other questions of mine. I believe that His Holy Books answer all questions of the human race.

He educates and trains me to know myself and be myself.

His free, divine, universal school is the Baha’i School.

Not many people among mankind know about this Baha’i school, although the Baha’is are living all over the world. Why? In a previous post I have brought up some reasons about the difficulty to read, to write and to remember the word Baha’i.

Now I propose that the word BAHA’I should be given to all people as a passport to heaven. Yes, dear ladies and gentlemen, this is your Baha’i passport to enter the Kingdom of God. It is up to you to use or not to use it. It is up to you to enter the Kingdom of God and stay there for evermore, or to come back and giving this Baha’i passport to as many people as possible.

Today some people are googling about the Baha’i Faith, but the word Baha’i is written as Ba Hai, bahai, bahái; and it is more funny when my countrymen write it as Bà hai, Ba Hái, Bá Hải and even 32, Ba Mươi Hai! Some other people falsely think that it is a sect of Christianity (for praying to Chúa, the Lord God), or Hindu (Bà la môn), or an Iranian cult (Ba hai, Ba tư)! Under Ngô Đình Diệm, a number of Baha’is have been arrested for being suspected of participating in some secret association number 32!!!

Dear ladies and gentlemen, this is Baha’i.

Please assist other people to see or hear the word Baha’i.

Yes, only the mentioning of the word Baha’i, and nothing else.

Yes, only the word Baha’i.

Yes, Baha’i.

Precisely Baha’i.


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