What country need the most help?

Asked By: DaBlackTigaaa 22 minutes ago

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Answer by pukirahe Feb 24th, 2012 at 5:58PM

All countries need help!
The whole world is becoming poor spiritually,
because most people are rushing for money
like the Americans rushed for gold few centuries ago!
In spiritual poverty, we are wasting money to serve
enmity by buying instruments to make war
instead of spending it for education, education
of love, of unity, of peace.
As long as we keep on following this arm race,
the longer we will all suffer in war, and we blame
God for not helping us!
Now, who will save the world, if each individual
does not save himself with the new education of love?

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Abdul-baha says:

“All that has been created is for man who is at the apex of creation and who must be thankful for the divine bestowals, so that through his gratitude he may learn to understand life as a divine benefit. If we hold enmity with life, we are ingrates, for our material and spiritual existence is the outward evidences of the divine mercy. Therefore we must be happy and pass our time in praises, appreciating all things. But there is something else: detachment. We can appreciate without attaching ourselves to the things of this world.” (Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 134)


Rushing for money
Making war with much money
Are we wise beings?!


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