Buddha said that no one can or will save us but ourselves. We ourselves must walk the path. Do you think he’s right?

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Answer by pukirahe Mar 17th, 2012 at 6:37AM

Yes, He is absolutely right.
By conducting bad living, we kill our soul;
by good living we save it. No power can
reverse this law of causality.
But, we need Educators like Buddha, Christ, Baha’u’llah,
to give us guidance and spiritual strength.
Most of us are now suffering, not because They condemn
us, but because we deprive ourselves of Their Education.

Reply by BluOmni Mar 19th, 2012 at 12:37PM

“We need Educators….” is a relative truth/reality of the Writer’s. Are Educators absolutely needed? No. Experiences of life and our perceptions of what we learn through those experiences even experiences of learning about specific subjects are our “teachers” and “educators.”. We give ourselves guidance and spiritual “strength” through our perceptions of those teachings…. Our perceptions are our creations.

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Baha’u’llah says:

“31. O SON OF BEING! Bring thyself to account each day ere thou art summoned to a reckoning; for death, unheralded, shall come upon thee and thou shalt be called to give account for thy deeds.” (Baha’u’llah, The Arabic Hidden Words)


Buddha saves my soul
Not by miracle but love
In Education



If you could send someone to hell who would it be if you had that authority to do that and please don’t say me

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Answer by pukirahe Mar 17th, 2012 at 5:03AM

Yes, me not you, because I cannot see
other people’s sins clearer than mine.
Now, while waiting for the sudden last breath,
I keep on praying for forgiveness and finding out
new measures to control my thinking, saying and doing.
However, I don’t worry much, for God’s compassion
and justice are only for the benefits of His children.

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Baha’u’llah says:

“27. O SON OF MAN! Breathe not the sins of others so long as thou art thyself a sinner. Shouldst thou transgress this command, accursed wouldst thou be, and to this I bear witness.” (Baha’u’llah, The Arabic Hidden Words)


I can in no ways
Send any people to hell
But my sinny self


How can impossible things transform into possible things?

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Answer by pukirahe Mar 17th, 2012 at 3:54AM

Quite a lot of instances:

Knowing God by knowing His Manifestations.
Rebirth spiritually of all human beings after death.
Return of Christ in the Glory of His Father (Baha’u’llah).
Communication instantly of people of the East to people of the West
was impossible in the generation my father, now this is possible.

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Baha’u’llah says:

“These Prophets and chosen Ones of God are the recipients and revealers of all the unchangeable attributes and names of God. They are the mirrors that truly and faithfully reflect the light of God. Whatsoever is applicable to them is in reality applicable to God, Himself, Who is both the Visible and the Invisible. The knowledge of Him, Who is the Origin of all things, and attainment unto Him, are impossible save through knowledge of, and attainment unto, these luminous Beings who proceed from the Sun of Truth.” (Baha’u’llah, The Kitab-i-Iqan, p. 141)


Humans bring to light
Lots of past impossibles
By education


This has probably been asked millions of times, but what do you think we are here for? (on earth)

Asked By: knightmare1981 22 minutes ago

Answer by pukirahe Mar 17th, 2012 at 3:20AM

It is good that important questions like this one
are asked again and again, so tthat many people
have opportunities for thinking and answering to
give abundant and interesting ideas concerning
our life for generations to come.
I think that we are all wayfarers, from village to city,
from city to country, from country to other lands on earth,
from earth to heavenly realms to broaden our love and
knowledge on the way back to our Father God.
This love and knowledge is our happiness; and
suffering is self-deprivation of this divine education.


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Baha’u’llah says:

“They who soar in the heaven of singleness and reach to the sea of the Absolute, reckon this city — which is the station of life in God — as the furthermost state of mystic knowers, and the farthest homeland of the lovers. But to this evanescent One of the mystic ocean, this station is the first gate of the heart’s citadel, that is, man’s first entrance to the city of the heart; and the heart is endowed with four stages, which would be recounted should a kindred soul be found.” (Baha’u’llah, The Seven Valleys, p. 40)


This insignificant self
Happy meeting you!


What is the art of living?

Asked By: perseverer 1 hour ago

Answer by pukirahe Mar 16th, 2012 at 9:59PM

There are personal art of living, human art of living
and divine art of living; all require creative art of the individual.
Personal art is most various: 7 billion people follow 7 billion ways.
Each way is different by the person’s environment, mentality,
natural and social occurrences. The gap is as broad as seven
thousand years of world cultures. Some are natural like bird and bees,others are luxurious like kings, emperors and new richards.

Human art depends more on learning and thinking and cultural
tradition. There are oriental, occidental, ancient, modern, creative
tendencies. Variety is seen on apparels, languages, dwellings,
social relations, new waves of collective confrontations and
new ideologial movements…

Divine art is more within the heart. The person tries to attain higher knowledge from heaven, humbly serving others than serving
themselves, establishing monuments showing the glory of God
rather than that of man. These people used to cooperate closely
with one another in small groups to establish the new civilization
that will affect communities following the other arts….

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Abdul-Baha says:

“Stranger even than this episode is the fact that the government of Japan was in the beginning subject to and under the protection of China, and that now for some years, Japan has opened its eyes and adopted the techniques of contemporary progress and civilization, promoting sciences and industries of use to the public, and striving to the utmost of their power and competence until public opinion was focused on reform. This government has currently advanced to such a point that, although its population is only one-sixth, or even one-tenth, that of China, it has recently challenged the latter government, and China has finally been forced to come to terms. Observe carefully how education and the arts of civilization bring honor, prosperity, independence and freedom to a government and its people.” (Abdu’l-Baha, The Secret of Divine Civilization, p. 111)


The world beautified
Today by art of living
We learn from Heaven


What do you think civilization is going to look like 1000 years from now? Will it be better? Worse? Any specific hopes?

Asked By: wayswin 3 hours ago

Answer by pukirahe Mar 16th, 2012 at 5:18PM

The world civilization will be brighter than ever before, because:
Humanity are mature and unified.
They are equipped with marvelous instruments:
The UN, the Internet, the NASA, the TV, the telephone…
The huge amount of information and knowledge.
The New Revelation of God, with educated believers,
divine institutions and civilized communites.
Yes, and you see, new inventions and new discoveries
every day.
I am joining with millions of my friends in thankfully praying
for this brilliant future of our world.

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Abdul-Baha says:

“God has given us eyes, that we may look about us at the world, and lay hold of whatsoever will further civilization and the arts of living. He has given us ears, that we may hear and profit by the wisdom of scholars and philosophers and arise to promote and practice it. Senses and faculties have been bestowed upon us, to be devoted to the service of the general good; so that we, distinguished above all other forms of life for perceptiveness and reason, should labor at all times and along all lines, whether the occasion be great or small, ordinary or extraordinary, until all mankind are safely gathered into the impregnable stronghold of knowledge. We should continually be establishing new bases for human happiness and creating and promoting new instrumentalities toward this end.” (Abdu’l-Baha, The Secret of Divine Civilization, p. 3)


How great our future
How glotious our service
By Divine Guidance


Why Are People Still Religious? Are They Retarded Or Insane?

Asked By: bunyonb 3 hours ago

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Answer by pukirahe Mar 16th, 2012 at 4:51PM

It is really good to discuss again and again
all matters to attain consent for love, unity,
and peace.
Today, nobody has the prestige to tell all mankind
what is the Truth, how to live, how to create an ideal world.
I believe that Buddha, Christ, Baha’u’llah…are Divine
Educators Who lead mankind to all Truth. But who
am I to convince the world, while many people
are still rejecting these Educators, although they have
no knowledge about Their Sacred Teachings.
By learning, I realize that the Teachings of these Educators
are most perfect for all mankind to study and practice.
But who can convince Governments to bring these Teachings
into schools of the world? Who can select pure Teachings from
fabrications? Who can act as good religious teachers? I hope that these questions might be answered widely today through discussions on the Internet, then in the powerful UN agencies.
Labels such as “retarded, insane, religious” cannot make
the persons; each man’s dignity is his being and doing
with his own intelligence.

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Abdul-Baha says:

“One who is wise in the ways of God sees that his words and deeds reflect the glory of God. I hope that the light of this glory may shine forth from each one of you, for this is the decisive proof – for this Baha’o’llah suffered – that he might educate men to become the educators of the world and spread truth abroad.
May ye attain to this station – upon ye be greetings and praise!” (Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 42)


Religious humans
Learners in the schools of God
Servants of mankind

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