What has been the saddest moment in your life?

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Posted by Me Aug 1st, 2013 at 6:50PM

Separation from my loved ones.
Now, no more, because I know that I will meet them again. In spirit, I can still remember them and pray for them.
My present sadness is forgetting God. Moments of thinking, saying, doing things in contrary to His counsels, are moments of sadness. Joy comes with repentance. The problem is that our mind does not become entirely pure while still living on earth. Therefore, we try various ways to control every breath with prayers. The more we engage in the service of the divine Cause, the safer is our condition.
Sadness is good as a reminder for rethinking and redoing our life.


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New Addition For This Post

Abdul-Baha says:

 “Repentance is the return from disobedience to obedience. Man, after remoteness and deprivation from God, repents and undergoes purification: and this is a symbol signifying “O God! make my heart good and pure, freed and sanctified from all save Thy love.”

(Abdu’l-Baha, Some Answered Questions, p. 91)


 Obedience to God

Causing lasting joy to heart

In this life and next


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