In terms of “change” how well can you accept, adapt or handle changes in your everyday lives?

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We change our life based on our knowledge.
The world changes and it causes no change in us. We appear as old with time, but our mind always remains young.
We need to gain knowledge about our own personality, our purpose and our plan to attain that purpose.
Each personality is unique, therfore the change must be made individually.
My learning tells me that I am a human being created by God, so I choose the purpose of my life to know God and to serve His Cause. I find various details in the Holy Books.
Other people reach the truth or falsehood differently, so they conduct their life in tremendously diverse ways.
Hence, the first requirement for all people is education to get the true knowledge.


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New Addition For This Post

 Abdul-Baha says:

 “Holy souls are like soil which has been plowed and tilled with much earnest labor; the thorns and thistles cast aside and all weeds uprooted. Such soil is most fruitful and the harvest from it will prove full and plenteous. In this same way man must free himself from the weeds of ignorance, thorns of superstitions and thistles of imitations, that he may discover reality in the harvests of true knowledge.”

(Abdu’l-Baha, Foundations of World Unity, p. 76)


 Getting true knowledge

First requirement life planning



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