Name something beautiful starting with S

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It is the nature of man created by the Holy Spirit.
It reflects all the names and attributes of God, therfore it is most truthful, most beautiful, most godly.
Learning and living a spiritual life will enable man to express this innate beauty. See how beautiful are the lives of Tahirih, Saint Francis, Fatimih…. and the saints and the martyrs and the true believers of all religions.
Flower, Rainbow, Diamond … are also beautiful, but each of them only reflects one quality of God. Man’s spirituality reflects all.
Knowledge is also beautiful. It leads man to the understanding of the reality and the mystery of God.


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New Addition For This Post

Abdul-Baha says:

“Although in the past all the great Spiritual Teachers have arisen in the East, there are still many men there who are quite devoid of spirituality. With regard to the things of the spirit they are as lifeless as a stone; nor do they wish to be otherwise, for they consider that man is only a higher form of animal and that the things of God concern him not.

But man’s ambition should soar above this — he should ever look higher than himself, ever upward and onward, until through the Mercy of God he may come to the Kingdom of Heaven.”

(Abdu’l-Baha, Paris Talks, p. 70)


Man is spiritual

Soul reflects divine beauty

By living the life


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