OBSTACLES!!>>>>>Those are just there to keep your eyes off your GOAL..

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I fear that the reverse is true. Without obstacles, we easily forget our goal.
I aim at money, if I get it easily, I may come to rest because of achievement.
I aim at fame, if people praise me immediately, I may repose for satisfaction.
I aim at knowledge, but again and again people expose my ignorance, I will think more about this great goal of the human life. I find that data in schools, in libraries, on Internet … are not knowledge. The more I try to get the true knowledge, the more I discover that it is an unfathomable mystery. I cannot write down one page with certitude about what I know!
Now I know that I can never become a knower, so I am seeking for knowledge from the omniscience of God. When facing an obstacle, I come to seek God for the answer. I dare not stand up to claim myself as teacher of any other human beings.


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New Addition For This Post

 Abdul-Baha says:

 “It is true that there are foolish individuals who have never properly examined the fundamentals of the Divine religions, who have taken as their criterion the behavior of a few religious hypocrites and measured all religious persons by that yardstick, and have on this account concluded that religions are an obstacle to progress, a divisive factor and a cause of malevolence and enmity among peoples. They have not even observed this much, that the principles of the Divine religions can hardly be evaluated by the acts of those who only claim to follow them. For every excellent thing, peerless though it may be, can still be diverted to the wrong ends. A lighted lamp in the hands of an ignorant child or of the blind will not dispel the surrounding darkness nor light up the house — it will set both the bearer and the house on fire.”

(Abdu’l-Baha, The Secret of Divine Civilization, p. 71)


 Obstacles useful

Reminder for more effort

To reach noble goal


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