Why moms usually use adjectives such as “wonderful”, “beautiful”, “amazing” when talking about their children?

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Come on. This is redundant – we know that your kids are “wonderful”, “beautiful”, “amazing” and all that

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Because children are truly wonderful.
Sometimes, parents are unjust to say that only their children are wonderful and negative characters come from bad friends. So, they blame children of other families when the police inform them about their children’s offenses!
In truth, all children are born pure and good, with potentials like precious jewels. Our defective institutions are spoiling them. We really need new parents, new teachers, new rulers … being equipped with better education and training to guide our kids into a more just, more civilized, more spiritual world. Kids need be liberated from outdated educational and governing systems.
Wishing that adult people to urgently rethink and redo our world for better generations of man to develop their godly given qualities.


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New Addition For This Post

 Abdul-Baha says:

 According to the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh the family, being a human unit, must be educated according to the rules of sanctity. All the virtues must be taught the family. The integrity of the family bond must be constantly considered, and the rights of the individual members must not be transgressed. The rights of the son, the father, the mother — none of them must be transgressed, none of them must be arbitrary. Just as the son has certain obligations to his father, the father, likewise, has certain obligations to his son. The mother, the sister and other members of the household have their certain prerogatives. All these rights and prerogatives must be conserved, yet the unity of the family must be sustained. The injury of one shall be considered the injury of all; the comfort of each, the comfort of all; the honor of one, the honor of all.

 -Abdul-Baha- The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 168-


Innocent children

Mines rich in priceless gems

Shine through parenting


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