What is man’s true nature?

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It is said that it is in our nature to destroy ourselves. I believe this is a misconception. Humans are caring, creative, and inquisitive creatures from what I see. Sure, there are some pretty rotten people out there… But the vast majority lean more towards good than bad.

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You are answering quite well your question.
I also think that human nature is good, because we are all created by the One True God in His image and likeness. None of us is evil. By nature, we all love lofty, beautiful, glorious things. Sometimes, we do the reverse, only because of the low level of maturity.
Today, at the coming of age, we can clearly see our mistakes of childhood and adolescence such as narrow vision, shallow thinking, prompt acting by imitation…. We are redoing our learning, reorganizing our society, rethinking about our decisions. Lots of plans, projects, enterprises … are implementing collectively on global levels. So many mature documents (Charters, Conventions, Agreements) accepted by the UN members are paving way for an excellent code of international law.
Yes, God is good, mankind are good and the future of our race is more and more bright, glorious and supportive for the greater and greater majority.
Human nature is spiritual, angelic, eternally intelligent.


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New Addition For This Post

Abdul-Baha says:

“In cycles gone by, each one of the Manifestations of God hath had His own rank in the world of existence, and each hath represented a stage in the development of humanity. But the Manifestation of the Most Great Name — may my life be a sacrifice for His loved ones — was an expression of the coming of age, the maturing of man’s inmost reality in this world of being. For the sun is the source and well-spring of light and heat, the focal point of splendours, and it compriseth all the perfections that are made manifest by the other stars which have dawned upon the world. Make thou an effort that thou mayest take thy place under the sun and receive an abundant share of its dazzling light. In truth do I tell thee, once thou hast attained this station, thou shalt behold the saints bowing down their heads in all humility before Him.”

(Abdu’l-Baha, Selections from the Writings of Abdu’l-Baha, p. 56)


At coming of age

Humans today are building

God’s Kingdom on earth


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