Why am I so afraid of people

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Confucius says that people don’t like something because they don’t have knowledge about it. We don’t like light, we don’t like water, we don’t like soil … before having knowledge about them. With human beings, it is the same.
Usually, we love or like closer people, because we know about them. For strangers, we suspect, we fear, we dislike …
We love embryos more and more, when we have greater knowledge about their roles in centuries to come.
We love human beings with all our hearts, when we know that they are noble children of God who are created to reflect all aspects of God’s visible and invisible beauty.
Only humans can create the Internet, and see how the Internet reflects our marvelous intelligence. And more will be known in the future, near and far.
We are born only to fear God, yes, to fear the loss of the good pleasure of the Omniscient Father. This is not horror before the tyrant, but regret before the disappointment of a loving mother.
God is Holy Parent and humans are our honorable siblings.


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New Addition For This Post

 Shoghi Effendi says:

 “You ask him about the fear of God: perhaps the friends do not realize that the majority of human beings need the element of fear in order to discipline their conduct? Only a relatively very highly evolved soul would always be disciplined by love alone. Fear of punishment, fear of the anger of God if we do evil, are needed to keep people’s feet on the right path. Of course we should love God – but we must fear Him in the sense of a child fearing the righteous anger and chastisement of a parent; not cringe before Him as before a tyrant, but know His Mercy exceeds His Justice!”

(Shoghi Effendi, Lights of Guidance, p. 238)


 Humans born to love

God with boundless creation

Including humans


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