World is about to end, scientists say you have exactly 12hrs before it happens…what do you do? :3

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I’d go to an aquarium and fasion myself a man bra from starfish…then ride a dolphin into oblivion ^^

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I will keep on answering questions to share glad news to surving people. Most people are confusing about life, about death, about apocalyptic rumors as usual as in former times of human immaturity.
Now I want to share glad news of the unfailing love of God for the establishment of His Kingdom on earth.
The glad news of the marvelous invention of the Internet.
The glad news of new discoveries and new inventions every day.
The glad news of the maturity of the human minds.
The glad news of world institutions that solve more and more effectively our problems: the UN and its agencies, the NGO‘s, the civil societies….
Please read and share these glad news when you realize that such romors about the end of the world are all fake.
Be happy with our world under the guidance of God.


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New Addition For This Post

 Abdul-Baha says:

 In the Southern States of the United States, the friends are few….  Consequently you must either go yourselves or send a number of blessed souls to those states, so that they may guide the people to the Kingdom of Heaven. One of the holy Manifestations, addressing a believing soul, has said that, if a person become the cause of the illumination of one soul, it is better than a boundless treasury. “O Ali! If God guide, through thee, one soul, it is better for thee than all the riches!” Again He says, “Direct us to the straight path!”[1] that is, Show us the right road. It is also mentioned in the Gospel: Travel ye to all parts of the world and give ye the glad tidings of the appearance of the Kingdom of God.[2] [1 Qur’án 1:6.] [2 Cf. Mark 16:15.]

(Abdu’l-Baha, Tablets of the Divine Plan, p. 11)


God’s divine knowledge

Abundant at just one click

Here on Internet



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