3 words that best describe you?

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God‘s unknown child.
We are all unknown children of the One True God.
Few million of people may have become celebrities, but in reality they are still unknown among all mankind.
Many of us don’t know even our own bodies, minds and souls.
We need more and more learning to nurture our bodies with healthy food.
We need more and more learning to develop our minds with modern sciences and revealed religion.
We need more and more learning to preserve our immortal souls for the good pleasure of God.
This learning is now really easy for all people via Internet.
With new learning we all will enter a new world with greater peace and higher civilization.
This is inevitable with the mature human race.


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New Addition For This Post

 The Bab says:

 Glory be unto Thee, Thou art exalted above the description of anyone save Thyself, since it is beyond human conception to befittingly magnify Thy virtues or to comprehend the inmost reality of Thine Essence. Far be it from Thy glory that Thy creatures should describe Thee or that anyone besides Thyself should ever know Thee. I have known Thee, O my God, by reason of Thy making Thyself known unto me, for hadst Thou not revealed Thyself unto me, I would not have known Thee. I worship Thee by virtue of Thy summoning me unto Thee, for had it not been for Thy summons I would not have worship Thee.

 – The Báb, Baha’i Prayers, p. 124-


 God alone knows all

Humans beings know nothing

Besides God’s teachings


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