Hi best place in the world to waste your last breath

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Man‘s last breath is the best thing of his life. He even need a priest to assist him making peaceful departure from this impermanent world. Any places are good as long as the last breath is pure.
Usually, people don’t care about their breath, hence they are not thankful for fresh air and rarely thinking of preserving a pure atmosphere for generations to come. Of course, life is far greater, far more precious than the physical breath. There are breath of love, breath of faith and most precious Breath of the Holy Spirit.
Being endowed with the rational sense, that all other creatures are deprived, we need to make a decisive step from ignorance to knowledge. This step will make us wise, happy and useful for our own self, our family, our human brothers and sisters.
Wishing that you are making good preparation for your last and most valuable breath.


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Abdul-Baha says:

 The primary, the most urgent requirement is the promotion of education. It is inconceivable that any nation should achieve prosperity and success unless this paramount, this fundamental concern is carried forward. The principal reason for the decline and fall of peoples is ignorance. Today the mass of the people are uninformed even as to ordinary affairs, how much less do they grasp the core of the important problems and complex needs of the time.

It is therefore urgent that beneficial articles and books be written, clearly and definitely establishing what the present-day requirements of the people are, and what will conduce to the happiness and advancement of society.

 (Abdu’l-Baha, The Secret of Divine Civilization, p. 108)


 Man’s breath most precious

Favored by Holy Spirit

With His acceptance


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