What do you need the MOST right now?

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New education for all human beings.
This education will enable man to know clearly:
Who he is?
His independent investigation of truth?
What is the purpose of his life?
How to achieve that purpose?
His relation to God?
His power as son of God?
His intimate relation to all mankind?
His obedience to God through His Messenger?
This education will be applied in all nations through free consultations and not at all through coercion by politics or by religions.
I believe that this will soon become reality with the maturity of the human race: Best education for a better world.


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Abdul-Baha says:

 The prophets of God are the first educators. They bestow universal education upon man and cause him to rise from lowest levels of savagery to the highest pinnacles of spiritual development. The philosophers too are educators along lines of intellectual training. At most they have only been able to educate themselves and a limited number about them, to improve their own morals and, so to speak, civilize themselves; but they have been incapable of universal education. They have failed to cause an advancement for any given nation from savagery to civilization….

From all standpoints the opportunities have been equal but the results and outcomes vary from the highest to lowest degree of advancement. It is evident therefore that mankind differs in natal capacity and intrinsic intellectual endowment. Nevertheless although capacities are not the same, every member of the human race is capable of education.

(Abdu’l-Baha, Foundations of World Unity, p. 55)


New education

About man’s nature and truth

To build the new world


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