How was your day?

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I wish that many people will also be happy always.
We might be generously happy when we are in prosperity.
We might be thankfully happy when we are in adversity.
We might be thrillingly happy when are healthy.
We might be hopefully grateful when we are sick.
Yes, we are always happy as long as we have air circulating in and out of our lungs.
Even if death comes, we also welcome him as messenger to bring glad news about our return to greater and more pleasant realms of God.
This world is truly a good place for us to get knowledge about a happy life in training and attaining spiritual powers for the next life.
By seeking patiently and independently we all can find this truth.


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New Addition For This Post

Abdul-Baha says:

Sincerity is the foundation-stone of faith. That is, a religious individual must disregard his personal desires and seek in whatever way he can wholeheartedly serve the public interest; and it is impossible for a human being to turn aside from his own selfish advantages and sacrifice his own good for the good of the community except through true religious faith. For self-love is kneaded into the very clay of man, and it is not possible that, without any hope of a substantial reward, he should neglect his own present material good. That individual, however, who puts his faith in God and believes in the words of God — because he is promised and certain of a plentiful reward in the next life, and because worldly benefits as compared to the abiding joy and glory of future planes of existence are nothing to him — will for the sake of God abandon his own peace and profit and will freely consecrate his heart and soul to the common good.

(Abdu’l-Baha, The Secret of Divine Civilization, p. 96)


All men be happy

By forgetting self for God

To guide them ahead


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