Do you spend too much time on EP?

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Posted by Me Nov 16th, 2013 at 5:19AM

Not enough.
I go through various websites, especially Facebook, Google, Yahoo…, from morning till night.
I think that the Internet is the best school for people of all ages. Each website is far bigger than any libraries, schools, institutes… Big brains are cooperating to truly cause knowledge to overflow all immensity like water to overflow our planet.
We better encourage our friends and descendants to seek for divine education up here. This education is cheapest and most effective.
Nations are establishing digital governments and human beings will surely become world citizens. Lack of world vision and universal knowledge, we will cause difficuties for our own selves and for the new human race.
Even poorest children should also be taught about this world vision, for them to change the narrow mentality of low esteem and low effort.
Internet is not only a playground, but it is also our universal school.


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Shoghi Effendi says:

 A mechanism of world inter-communication will be devised, embracing the whole planet, freed from national hindrances and restrictions, and functioning with marvellous swiftness and perfect regularity. A world metropolis will act as the nerve center of a world civilization, the focus towards which the unifying forces of life will converge and from which its energizing influences will radiate. A world language will either be invented or chosen from among the existing languages and will be taught in the schools of all the federated nations as an auxiliary to their mother tongue. A world script, a world literature, a uniform and universal system of currency, of weights and measures, will simplify and facilitate intercourse and understanding among the nations and races of mankind. In such a world society, science and religion, the two most potent forces in human life, will be reconciled, will cooperate, and will harmoniously develop.

(Shoghi Effendi, The World Order of Baha’u’llah, p. 203)


 Internet new school

And fast communication

For our world today


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