Do you love this world?What would you do to save this world if you love it?

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I love this world, because it is good.
Now, because of our limited knowledge, we imagine that the wrold is in danger, and we try to save it. Signs of danger are so evident, such as typhoon, pollution, global warming, corruption, arm race after two world wars…. In reality, the world is good, and God is showing us how to make it better.
Despite all threats, problems, incredible happenings … the world itself keeps on progressing from tribal unity to federal unity. And there plenty of human powers showing that we can achieve world unity under the guidance of God. This guidance was given before we ask as divine education for the mature human race.
We will continue our learning up here, and maturely solve problems by negotiations, consultations, especially with revealed prayers and meditations, we will bring to achievement of the Plan of God for millennia to come.
I know it is not me to convince mankind. It is God to guide us with omniscience and omnipotence.


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Abdul-Baha says:

 It is evident that we have two modes for the expression of life – individuality and personality – the former becomes as the son of God and the latter the son of man. As we have shown, the personality of some is illumined, that of others is dark; the personality of some is seen in the manifestation of divine justice, while that of others is the embodiment of tyranny. The personality of some is divine guidance made visible, while that of others is choked in the veils of self and desire. That which was hidden in the capability of these souls has been made manifest; just as, for instance, when you sow a seed, that which is hidden in the reality of that seed becomes revealed and unfolded – the trunk, the branches, the leaves, the blossoms and the fruits, which are in the seeds as potentialities. A teacher brings out the potentialities of the pupils. The clouds pour down rain, the sun shines, and that which was hidden in the bosom of the earth springs forth.

The personality of man is developed through education, while his individuality which is divine and heavenly should be his guide.

(Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 132)


 Our world is quite good

With guidance and protection

Omnipotent God


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