Will God let me eliminate all journalists? I hate them all.

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Posted by Me Nov 17th, 2013 at 10:32PM

I love and admire journalists, because God loves them.
Usually, they get a proper education and performing their job with a clear code of ethics. They bravely enter all places of great danger such as battlefields, forbidden zones under storm, thickest jungles, farthest lands over seas and mountains … They bring to us hottest information concerning natural or human events, or the existence of endangered and forgotten species.
Some among them may get false information or report distorted news, due to lack of experience, of self-control, of clear conscience. But all, in general, have brought to us all sorts of data, making the press as a loyal mirror of our world. It is hard to think about a civilized world without mass media.
Along with workers in all other branches of human activities, the brave and mature journalists will become active and efficient builders of world peace. Yes, I sincerely admire them.


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Shoghi Effendi says:

 …a resolute attempt should be made by the national elected representatives of the entire community, aided by their Public Relations, Race Unity, Public Meetings, Visual Education, College Speakers Bureau and Radio Committees, to reinforce the measures already adopted for the proclamation, through the press and radio, of the verities of the Faith to the masses, and for the establishment of closer contact with the leaders of public thought, with colleges and universities and with newspaper and magazine editors.

(Shoghi Effendi, The Compilation of Compilations vol II, p. 274)


 I love journalists

For their learning and serving

Mirror of the world


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