What kind of day is today?

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Posted by Me Nov 23rd, 2013 at 12:20AM

Greater than yesterday.
More knowledge, more experience, more maturity …
New agreements, new codes of laws, new branches of learnings … signed, applied, implemented in each enterprise and among various countries.
Even new island appears in Japan.
No men can conceive, no books can record, no websites can introduce all the new appearances development, advancement … in all human activities – and much less is the galaxies.
The more we improve our own physical and spiritual powers, the more we will enjoy the offerings of the universes and the bestowals of God.
Man is not an old monkey to wait for boring death in the jungle.
Each individual is carrying forwards an ever advancing civilization to all eternity.
Yes, tomorrow will also be much greater.


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New Addition For This Post


The Universal House Of Justice says:

 “….because of the opportunity which it provides for conveying messages from the national and international levels of the administration and also for communicating the recommendations of the friends to those levels, the (Nineteen Day) Feast becomes a link that connects the local community in a dynamic relationship with the entire structure of the Administrative Order. But considered in its local sphere alone there is much to thrill and amaze the heart. Here it links the individual to the collective processes by which a society is built or restored. Here, for instance, the Feast is an arena of democracy at the very root of society, where the Local Spiritual Assembly and the members of the community meet on common ground, where individuals are free to offer their gifts of thought, whether as new ideas or constructive criticism, to the building processes of an advancing civilization. Thus it can be seen that aside from its spiritual significance, this common institution of the people combines an array of elemental social disciplines which educate its participants in the essentials of responsible citizenship.”

(The Universal House of Justice, A Wider Horizon, Selected Letters 1983-1992, p. 193)


 Each day greater day

Individual and whole race

Incessant progress


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