What makes you get up every morning? do you enjoy it?

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Posted by Me Nov 25th, 2013 at 11:01PM

I really love the sound of the alarm clock.
I want to get up early (03:00 or 04: AM) to reach my Western viewers in their evening. Otherwise, my hot postings will become less interesting for them on the following morning.
I love conversation on the Internet, because it is immediate, informal and interactive. Thousands of people can exchange opinions on one forum at the same moment. When I type “Good morning”, all of them get it.
Another good thing is that I can share their opinions to my friends, and they share mine to theirs. Hence, the number of our viewers increase rapidly. When we are unanimous in praising God, this unanimity is really powerful.
All of this occur freely, pleasantly, naturally, without manipulation or intention that causes discontentment to outsiders.
My happy mornings have become stronger and stronger motivation for my elderly age.


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New Addition For This Post 

The Universal House of Justice says:

Whether as world-view or simple appetite, materialism’s effect is to leach out of human motivation — and even interest — the spiritual impulses that distinguish the rational soul. “For self-love,” ‘Abdu’l-Bahá has said, “is kneaded into the very clay of man, and it is not possible that, without any hope of a substantial reward, he should neglect his own present material good.” In the absence of conviction about the spiritual nature of reality and the fulfilment it alone offers, it is not surprising to find at the very heart of the current crisis of civilization a cult of individualism that increasingly admits of no restraint and that elevates acquisition and personal advancement to the status of major cultural values. The resulting atomization of society has marked a new stage in the process of disintegration about which the writings of Shoghi Effendi speak so urgently.

(Commissioned by The Universal House of Justice, Century of Light, p. 89)


Large forum worldwide

Motivates me getting up

For the praise of God


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