Theirs over 7 billion people in the world, what’s loosing one?

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All things are related to all things, hence good for one is good for all, and evil for one is evil for all.
Every day, we have people die in traffic accidents, in natural calamities, in unknown diseases … and mature human beings cannot ingore them as meaningless numbers among world population. Moreover, each human being is not a small creature, but he is the greater world. Hence, abortion is also an unacceptable evil.
In the past, tribes were killing tribes as survival of the fittest. Civilized people today cannot close eyes to any kind of killings. We try in many ways for the protection and preservation of life, even of vegetable and animal.
Man is endowed with intelligence, that other creatures don’t have, so he has to use it with greater and greater brilliance. This is his divine duty before God, His living and loving Creator.


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Baha’u’llah says:

All men have been created to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization. The Almighty beareth Me witness: To act like the beasts of the field is unworthy of man. Those virtues that befit his dignity are forbearance, mercy, compassion and loving-kindness towards all the peoples and kindreds of the earth. Say: O friends! Drink your fill from this crystal stream that floweth through the heavenly grace of Him Who is the Lord of Names. Let others partake of its waters in My name, that the leaders of men in every land may fully recognize the purpose for which the Eternal Truth hath been revealed, and the reason for which they themselves have been created.

(Baha’u’llah, Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah, p. 214)


 Purpose of all men

Building ever-advancing



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