How to stop worrying so much what other people think of me?

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I always feel like I am so behind in life with things that I don’t have that I feel I’m supposed to have. How can I stop worrying what other people think of me or might be thinking? Being thought of as weird and everything else really hurts my feelings for some reason.

Posted by Me Dec 2nd, 2013 at 1:59AM

Usually, people don’t care about you.
Even if someone cares, he cannot understand you.
If he makes judgment about you, his judgment is meaningless.
Do you become a saint or a sinner because of people’s judgment? No, you are truly yourself by your own thinking and acting.
Do you think that you will be happy, if you are isolated on an island, where you don’t have the fear of being judged?
So, you can stop worrying by doing your own judgment. If you conduct a good life, you can enjoy peace of mind even the whole community oppose you. If you do bad things, you must feel shameful, although nobody knows about them.
In truth, you are your own judge and own master of your destiny. Nobody can judge you and make you into anyone else.
I say that you are a saint, do you think that my words are true?!


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Abdul-Baha says:

 The poor man at the gate of his palace spoke out, saying: “O kind king! Assuming that you are from every point of view so happy, free from every worry and sadness — do you not worry for us? You say that on your own account you have no worries — but do you never worry about the poor in your land? Is it becoming or meet that you should be so well off and we in such dire want and need? In view of our needs and troubles how can you rest in your palace, how can you even say that you are free from worries and sorrows? As a ruler you must not be so egoistic as to think of yourself alone but you must think of those who are your subjects. When we are comfortable then you will be comfortable; when we are in misery how can you, as a king, be in happiness?”

(Abdu’l-Baha, Foundations of World Unity, p. 41)


 Man is a true judge

And master his destiny

Nobody can change


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