What is your dream job?

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Posted by Me Dec 6th, 2013 at 10:19PM

Learning and sharing knowledge.
Not as a paid teacher, but as a learner and voluntary servant to other learners.
I learn to know myself and the purpose of my life. Then I share to other people this learning, because I know that this is necessary for building the happy family of man on earth.
By obtaining the true knowledge that we are children of God, then our happiness will be guaranted. Children of God are spiritual beings, who can find the Path for returning to God; they are happy because nothing and no people on earth can interfere in this.
They can be harrassed, persecuted, killed …, but their souls still turn to God and their happiness is not lost.
This is why it is said that happiness is a choice.


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New Addition For This Post

Shoghi Effendi says:

At this exact time in history when the peoples of the world are weighed down with soul-crushing difficulties and the shadow of despair threatens to eclipse the light of hope, there must be revived among the individual believers a sense of mission, a feeling of empowerment to minister to the urgent need of humanity for guidance and thus to win victories for the Faith in their own sphere of life. The community as a whole should be involved in efforts to resolve such issues.

(Compilations, Unlocking the Power of Action)


Sharing God’s teachings

My ideal job for decades

With true happiness


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