How do you really feel about the holidays?

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Holidays are days holy.
They remind us about the love of God and His glory.
The love of God makes us happy.
The glory of God shows our souls divine Purpose.
Then we can enjoy our journey through the worlds of God before reaching eternal reunion with Him in the spiritual realm.
Holidays are not occasions for buying dust and indulging in eating, sleeping, wasting intelligence in worldly pleasures.
Christmas relating to Christ, Wesak relating to Buddha, Ridvan relating to Baha’u’llah … These days are not relating to man for human entertainment. They are for highest and most profound meditation. They are days that all worldly activities shoud be suspended for contemplation with complete thankfulness to God.
Yes, holidays are days of holiness.


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Abdul-Baha says:

Such undertakings that are beneficial to the poor, the weak and the helpless should be pursued in order that, on that day (Holiday), through the unity of all and through great meetings, results may be obtained, the glory and blessings of that day may be declared and manifest.

“In all the cycles of the Prophets the philanthropic affairs were confined to their respective peoples only — with the exception of small matters, such as charity, which was permissible to extend to others. But in this wonderful dispensation, philanthropic affairs are for all humanity, without any exception, because it is the manifestation of the mercifulness of God. Therefore, every universal matter — that is, one that belongs to all the world of humanity — is divine; and every matter that is sectarian and special is not universal in character — that is, it is limited. Therefore, my hope is that the friends of God, every one of them, may become as the mercy of God to all mankind.”

(Abdul-Baha, Lights of Guidance, p. 302)


 Holidays holy

For remembrance of God

Thankfulness to Him


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