What would you do if you see a person abusing an animal?

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Posted by Me Dec 11th, 2013 at 6:19PM

Lots of people are abusing animals.
Lots of people are abusing kids.
Lots of people are abusing adults.
I cannot do anything to change their behaviors.
Perhaps leaders of thoughts and leaders of societies also cannot do anything about this.
Of course, we cannot accept this as destiny or nature of life. This is brutal, inhuman, uncivilized.
Firstly, I should decide not to act like them.
I should teach my children new laws and new virtues.
I call you to cooperate with me in spreading universal education.
I work harder for education here and in real life.
I believe that only the practice this civilized education will transform our world.
With great means of our time, this education may reach all people.


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 New Addition For This Post

 Abdul-Baha says:

 Most human beings are sinners, but the beasts are innocent. Surely those without sin should receive the most kindness and love — all except animals which are harmful, such as bloodthirsty wolves, such as poisonous snakes, and similar pernicious creatures, the reason being that kindness to these is an injustice to human beings and to other animals as well. If, for example, ye be tender-hearted toward a wolf, this is but tyranny to a sheep, for a wolf will destroy a whole flock of sheep. A rabid dog, if given the chance, can kill a thousand animals and men. Therefore, compassion shown to wild and ravening beasts is cruelty to the peaceful ones — and so the harmful must be dealt with. But to blessed animals the utmost kindness must be shown, the more the better. Tenderness and loving-kindness are basic principles of God‘s heavenly Kingdom. Ye should most carefully bear this matter in mind.

(Abdu’l-Baha, Selections from the Writings of Abdu’l-Baha, p. 159)


 The world be better

When individuals choosing

Only to do good


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