what happens after death ? is there another life after death ?

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because there are so many things which are invisible but it exists like AIR . whats your view?

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Not another life, but the same one with no physical frame.
A still continues to live as A, B as B, C as C, … with the fruit of their deeds previously. Pure souls are like polished mirrors, reflecting bright light of the Spiritual Sun; sullied souls exist as stones with little or no light.
Man cannot teach man this divine knowledge. The Messengers of God tell us in figurative speech or parable. Sincere people can understand this, practice it and making progress. This is the case of Saint Peter with the guidance of Christ, Boddhisattva Ananda with Buddha and Imam Ali with Muhammad….
Millions of believers have written innumerable books to share their miraculous experiences of the spiritual life. This learning can be practiced as learning Science, Art, Philosophy…
Eternal life of man is his true life.


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Abdul-Baha says:

 Therefore in this world he must prepare himself for the life beyond. That which he needs in the world of the Kingdom must be obtained here. Just as he prepared himself in the world of the matrix by acquiring forces necessary in this sphere of existence, so likewise the indispensable forces of the divine existence must be potentially attained in this world.

What is he in need of in the Kingdom which transcends the life and limitation of this mortal sphere? That world beyond is a world of sanctity and radiance; therefore it is necessary that in this world he should acquire these divine attributes. In that world there is need of spirituality, faith, assurance, the knowledge and love of God. These he must attain in this world so that after his ascension from the earthly to the heavenly Kingdom he shall find all that is needful in that life eternal ready for him.

(Abdu’l-Baha, Foundations of World Unity, p. 63)


 Learning leads to truth

In all aspects of knowledge

Science and religion


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