If you could do anything right now what would you do?

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Posted by Me Dec 13th, 2013 at 8:21PM

I teach the Cause of God.
This is the best thing to do and I do it for decades through all circumstances, in freedom as well as in prison.
I know it is best, because the Twin Manifestations of God and Their Authoritatvive Interpreter have revealed hundreds of Books to prescribe the Divine Plan for welcoming the Kingdom of God on earth.
Philosophers, thinkers, reformers … may get confused about a Plan for World Peace, while God’s Prophets have made all clear from A to Z.
Now we have huge museums and libraries on earth as well as on the Internet for study, reference and verification.
Our slifestyle may differ, but our purpose is only one: True happiness for all huamn beings.
What is your concept about “the Cause of God?”


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New Addition For This Post

The Bab says:

It is better to guide one soul than to possess all that is on earth, for as long as that guided soul is under the shadow of the Tree of Divine Unity, he and the one who hath guided him will both be recipients of God’s tender mercy, whereas possession of earthly things will cease at the time of death. The path to guidance is one of love and compassion, not of force and coercion. This hath been God’s method in the past, and shall continue to be in the future! He causeth him whom He pleaseth to enter the shadow of His Mercy. Verily, He is the Supreme Protector, the AllGenerous.

(The Bab, Selections from the Writings of the Bab, p. 75)


I teach Cause of God

Best blessing for guided soul

And also for me


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