Does your husband expect you do everything, housework, raise the kids,etc, while he sits watching tv & playing games?

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In the East, for thousands of years, it is even worse with husbands getting drunk, beating wives and children, and running away with their concubines. Such husbands are normally considered as lords and their wives handmaids. Women who try to act like such men are condemned as mad or perverse!
No complaints, no regulations, no legislation … can make the change. Ignorant men love their domination, women already become submissive by tradition, by outdated morality, by suppression of society …
What we need urgently is a proper education for all people. Boys and girls will accept new values, new culture, new civilization, and especially knowing the manners in consultations to reach order and progress in family and in the civilized world. This may seem slow, but there is no other effective way.
This education is available in various communities worldwide and on the Internet. Volunteer teachers, tutors, animators … may reach your children with this education. Please open your houses for their services. You may also study to become new teachers of your children.


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 New Addition For This Post

 Abdul-Baha says:

 Bahá’í marriage is the commitment of the two parties one to the other, and their mutual attachment of mind and heart. Each must, however, exercise the utmost care to become thoroughly acquainted with the character of the other, that the binding covenant between them may be a tie that will endure forever. Their purpose must be this: to become loving companions and comrades and at one with each other for time and eternity….

The true marriage of Bahá’ís is this, that husband and wife should be united both physically and spiritually, that they may ever improve the spiritual life of each other, and may enjoy everlasting unity throughout all the worlds of God. This is Bahá’í marriage.

(Abdul-Baha, The Compilation of Compilations vol. I, p. 388)


 Baha’i marriage

Spiritual bond of true love

Eternal union


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