If you can create your own language, what would you call it?

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Reply by Me

Universal language.

I want it to be easy to learn and to use by all human beings. Perhaps, I will take English with simplification of vocabulary and grammar. This will save the cost of translation, annihilate misunderstanding and leading the way to world unity.

English is already the most convenient instrument for learning, trade and communication. More people will interest in using it, if we show them pleasant and efficient methods of learning. Many teachers are doing it quite well on YouTube.

I am happy to see world unity in the near future.


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New Addition For This Post


Abdul-Baha says:


The differences in language cause disunion between nations. There must be one universal language. The diversity in Faiths is also a cause of separation. The true foundation of all faiths must be established, the outer differences abolished. There must be a Oneness of Faith. To end all these differences is a very hard task. The whole world is sick, and needs the power of the Great Healer.

 (Abdu’l-Baha, Abdu’l-Baha in London, p. 59)


The whole world is sick

World language the best medicine

And love elixir


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