Why is it that men don’t fight for women’s rights?

I don’t get you str8 guys… Your women don’t get paid equally – and that DIRECTLY effects you and your home – yet you don’t fight back. Your women are being denied health care and contraception – that DIRECTLY – impacts you! I sure hope you get off your a$$es and fight for your ladies. Inaction is shameful.

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Women’s rights are in reality men’s rights, human rights.

Immature human beings falsely thought that oppression or domination over women was good for them, while such ignorance caused injury to half of the human race, to their mothers and daughters, which delay the progress of the whole human race, with all men included!

Mature men today realize this truth, they are actively serving the cause of women advancement all over the world. We will soon see a world of unity and equality, in which all men, women, children (boys and girls) enjoying civilized inventions and facilities.

This simple truth is facing some hinderances of outdated traditions, by the power of true knowledge will win.

Unity and equality of mankind is the most simple truth.


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Abdul-Baha says:


All are one people, one nation, one species, one kind. The common interest is complete equality; justice and equality amongst mankind are amongst the chief promoters of empire and the principal means to the extension of the skirt of conquest. From whatever section of earth’s denizens signs of contentiousness appear, prompt punishment is required by a just government; while any person who girds up the loins of endeavor and carries off the ball of priority is deserving of royal favors and worthy of splendid gifts.

 (Abdu’l-Baha, A Traveller’s Narrative, p. 87)


 Maturing mankind

Serving universal good

For men and women


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