what do you think about the most in a day?

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God, Religion, Mankind.

I believe in the reality of One God, One Religion, One Mankind. Every day I love to think about the meaning and application of this truth, and I wish to have more friends in the service of this universal ideal. I have answered thousands of questions concerning this truth on EP and I repost with more clarification on WordPress.

We are now living in a New Cycle, when the mature human race can communicate and cooperate instantly in thoughts and in actions for world civilization.

Human activities cover thousands of aspects in which we are required to do our learning in the physical, human and divine education for efficient service.

I am having many colleagues in these activities.

Wishing you happy with your purposeful living.


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New Addition For This Post


Abdul-Baha says:


All the precepts of Christ deal with the knowledge of God, with the oneness of the world of humanity, the moral relations between the hearts and spiritual susceptibilities. His Holiness BAHA’O’LLAH created these merciful sentiments in the most complete form and deposited them in the hearts of men. This is in keeping with the teaching of Christ, because it is the reality and reality changes not. Is it possible to say that divine unity is divisible, or the knowledge of God, the oneness of the world of  152  humanity, universal justice, the solidarity of the human race -(Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 151)


 Divine unity

Supreme on realites

Bright light of guidance


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