How do you spend your days?

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I am learning, and the Internet satisfies my hunger for knowledge. When I face questions, I google. When I need more abundant data, I enter libraries. When I need human experience, I mix with people on social network …
It seems that 24 hours a day are not enough for me to soar up to the worlds of my dreams. So, I do some training for reading, typing and thinking faster and faster.
I wish that I can buy the time from other people who still have too much time for worrying, for suffering, for boredom. But, there is no way for buying, borrowing or accepting as gift. So, I am thinking of showing them how to use their precious hours, priceless days and most noble life.
Each and all should seek for God and God will omnisciently and omnipotently guide them. Today, all can get direct access to God, without depending on priests, tutors or guides. The words of God are freely and easily accesscible on the Internet.
Look and you will find.


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Abdul-Baha says:


Alas, of what avail is it. When the weapons are in cowards’ hands, no man’s life and property are safe, and thieves only grow the stronger. When, in the same way, a far-from-perfect priesthood acquire control of affairs, they come down like a massive curtain between the people and the light of Faith.

Sincerity is the foundation-stone of faith. That is, a religious individual must disregard his personal desires and seek in whatever way he can wholeheartedly to serve the public interest; and it is impossible for a human being to turn aside from his own selfish advantages and sacrifice his own good for the good of the community except through true religious faith.

(Abdu’l-Baha, The Secret of Divine Civilization, p. 96)


 My days in learning

For knowing and loving God

Creator all worlds


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