Would you quit your current life and go to live on a desert island?

Asked by charliejr 18-21, M 6 Answers 3 mins ago in Community

Reply by Me

Peace of mind cannot be found on deserted islands. Purposeless people are disturbed in all circumstances. Purposeful ones are serene even in direst misery.
Purposeless people don’t have a focus, therefore they roam around in darkness of confusion with fear, with worry, with anxiety. They cannot distinguish truth from falseness, so they cannot make any good choice for their life.
Until when they get the knowledge about being a human with a divine purpose, they would focus on His guidance and move ahead happily under His guidance – through busy cities, inhabited deserts or isolated islands. They will understand the blessedness of life in any spots where the name of God is mentioned and His praise gloritfied.
God is light, deprivation of Him is darkness.


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New Addition For This Post

 Baha’u’llah says:

 O Concourse of monks! Seclude not yourselves in churches and cloisters. Come forth by My leave, and occupy yourselves with that which will profit your souls and the souls of men. Thus biddeth you the King of the Day of Reckoning. Seclude yourselves in the stronghold of My love. This, verily, is a befitting seclusion, were ye of them that perceive it. He that shutteth himself up in a house is indeed as one dead. It behoveth man to show forth that which will profit all created things, and he that bringeth forth no fruit is fit for fire.

(Baha’u’llah, The Proclamation of Baha’u’llah, p. 95)


 Inner peace true peace

Living man makes peace in troubles

Not in seclusion


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